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Nikita and Michael are alerted when the partner of the cop Nikita killed was killed in Newark. They recognize Percy as the person who reported the killing to 911. He reaches out to Nikita through Senator Pierce and threatens to kill her mentor, Carla Bennett. Percy tricks Nikita into tracking down Carla for him. And, Percy and his team ambush Nikita and Carla's reunion. To protect Nikita, Carla goes with Percy. Nikita is shocked to learn that Carla knows both Amanda and Percy. Alex finds out that Amanda has an active kill order for Carla and tells Nikita. In the end, Nikita uses Amanda and Division to track down Percy and Carla. Both Division and Nikita attack their hideout, but Nikita and Michael retrieve Carla. She reveals that she knows Percy and Amanda because she created Division.

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Nikita Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Michael: I forgot how good you are when you're angry.
Nikita: I forgot how easy you are to beat.

Yes, I'd like to report the brutal and senseless murder of a Neward Police Detective.