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Looking for her next story, Julia falls onto the story of a beloved humanitarian/pop star that rivals Justin Bieber with his profits and tours, only he's actually a good person. Or so everyone thinks.

When the network asks Julia to paint Trinity into a Saint-like light, to protect their asset, a video comes to light of the man assaulting an unconscious, drugged woman backstage at one of his recent concerts.

With her job threatened, Julia goes against the network and brings other women that recounted their stories of Trinity sexually assaulting them after the initial victim, Alexa, dropped out because she took money from the company to keep quiet.

Confronted with so much evidence, Julia and Jake make a shocking discovery of what actually landed Trinity in the hospital and the network steps down.

But, elsewhere, another story falls into Julia's lap that Louise asks her not to run, but being herself, Julia does, and Louise freaks out.

Meanwhile, the hunt for Sarah's killer continues and Oscar's online sexting relationship is revealed, but it's not quite the woman she says she is. Or rather, he says he is. Who else can say their best friend deceived them and entered into an online relationship?

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Notorious Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Trinity raped that woman.


Louise: Do you think Oscar Keaton is guilty?
Alan: Yes. I do.