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Cuchillos tells Oscar to give the other gang Jefferson. Oscar calls the kids in and tells them to go somewhere public since Cuchillos is about to be killed. He mentions that Cuchillos made Ray take the fall back in the day.

Oscar says he asked around about Ray after he left and found out that Cuchillos and the Santos turned on him for no reason. He didn't feel like he had a choice before, but he doesn't want their family working for her. 

Oscar takes Cuchillos to the meeting with 19th street,  but she makes him go in without her. It's a set up. They knock him out and hold him hostage. 

The kids are at a liquor store market trying not to get worried. Jasmine shows up since eveyone was avoiding her.

Oscar tries to negotiate with the 19 street gang because he knows Cuchillos will betray them too. 

It's been three days and Oscar is still missing. No one has heard from him. Everyone is freaking out. But no one more than Cesar who feels like they aren't being helpful and only care about themselves and not Oscar.

They get a text from Cuchillos. Cesar tells them they need to separate and hide. They have to split up. He plans to deal with Cuchillos himself. Take her out. 

 Ruby tells jasmine he doesn't care about her to protect her. She's upset and cries. 

Ruby talks to his mom about their family. She made up with his father.  

Ruby and the gang go to Cesar's hotel with a plan after a Santos gives him a gun. 

They all agree to do this together. Jamal and ruby's nerves get to them.

Monse gets a call from her roommate at the other school. It makes her wistful and she asks cesar if this is a one time thing. He never responds.

The 19th street gang member pulls up and gives Cesar Oscars phone and a note on where to meet him.


On My Block
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On My Block Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

For a long time, I didn't think I had a choice. But after shit didn't add up about Ray, I started asking around. Found out what really happened between him and the Santos. They turned on him. She turned on him for no reason. Our family ain't sacrificing for her no more.


Monse: Are you sure? We're talking about taking a life here.
Oscar: Or yours. Mines. Everyone's.
Monse: And yet you work for her.
Oscar: Worked. Past tense. She's out of control. She's never been this bad before, and it's all for nothing. putting you kids in the middle of her crazy vendetta? Shit must stop. She doesn't give a damn. She doesn't give a shit about no one. Even those most loyal to her. Like our dad. She made him take the fall back in the day, but her time is up. She's going to a meeting she ain't walking out of.