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Nathan thinks that August Kellerman was the one that smashed into Jamie and Brooke on the bridge, and confronts the Professor about it.  After forcing August to resign from his teaching position, Nathan realizes it was Ian Kellerman, when he says he only drinks the type of alcohol that was in the crashed car from the accident.

Brooke gets offered a great job by Clothes Over Bros in New York.  Both her and Julian like the idea of going to NYC.  Quinn runs Tric for Haley while she's with Lydia. Quinn has Alex perform, and she impresses Chase with her song.  They all find out that Condos are being built on the old River Court, so Millie decides to do a news story about the court.




One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 19 Quotes

I know what you did and you know what you did. And this is going to be made right by you or by me.


Well it seems my class gets younger every day. You must have done extremely well on your advanced placement exams.