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It's all about Jabbar week at school and that means Crosby and Jasmine have to put their differences behind them to support their son.

In spite of how hard Crosby tried, Jasmine cannot get over his infidelity and she tells him she has to move on.

Amber starts her job at Julia's office and is incredibly impressed with Julia's powerful position. She is under a lot of pressure to gain acceptance to Berkley. She doesn't get into her background school, and is then receives news of her denial to Berkley as well.

Max is kicked out of school and Adam and Sarah are called in. Instead of receiving bad news, they are told he excels at several subjects and that they think it might be time for them to think about putting him in a school that would give him a chance to succeed socially as well as academically. This sets off a debate between Adam and Sarah on whether or not to change the the status quo.

Richard Dreyfus guest stars as Gilliam T Blount, a Broadway great who served with Zeek in the Viet Nam war. He gives Sarah's play to him to read, as a long awaited favor for saving his life.

Julia discovers she has inter-uterine scarring and the odds of them getting pregnant again are very, very low.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Joel: I can't do this, honey.
Julia: Why not?
Joel: I don't even know where to start. Ths room is freezing, I'm sitting here, they're playing muzak, there are people walking by and they gave me a stack of Playboys from the 1980s and told me to give 'em a call when I'm done. It's so weird, honey.
Julia: Well, what do you want me to do? Do you, um, do you want me to help?
Joel: Whaddya mean?
Julia: I mean, like, phone sex.
Joel: You know how to do that?

I hope my brother-in-law was worth it because he's not the only one you screwed here.