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Joel and Julia's marriage is on the line, Sarah begins dating her neighbor, and Drew gets a visitor from his past. 

Natalie drops into Drew’s room and sees Amy there.

Carl smells Sarah’s Chinese and he asks her to be a plus one to a charity event and she reluctantly agrees.

Ed wants to talk with Julia at school. He explains why he has been calling and texting – because he thought he felt something from her.

Max shows up at Hank’s but Hank has to put off developing photos to do a job and Max doesn’t handle the shift in plans very well. When Max runs away in anger, Hank runs after him, leaving the shop open and unattended – quite concerned.

Zeek continues his journey without Camille. The kitchen is a mess and his milk is spoiled and clotted. They talk on Skype and Camille tells Zeek she has been invited to extend her trip to paint at a girl’s villa for a week.

Sarah tries to find something to wear to the charity event with the help of Jasmine. Jasmine looks him up online and discovers he is a doctor who runs an international non-profit that builds hospitals around the world in underprivileged countries.

Adam goes to Hank’s photo shop to thank him for helping Max and takes him a book on Asperger’s to help him with any future situations with Max.

Zeek goes to a diner to have dinner and a fellow patron strikes up a conversation.

Julia visits Adam to ask if he and Kristina will watch Sydney and Victor while she and Joel go to a school auction and she winds up talking to him about Joel and Ed.

Adam tells Julia about the time his assistant kissed him and he didn’t kiss her back. Julia breaks down and Adam tells her it’s not about Ed, it’s about her problems with Joel.

Adam talks to Crosby about Julia and Ed and tells him about the kiss and problems between Julia and Joel. He tells Crosby to keep an eye out for Julia at the auction.

During a conversation between Amy, Drew and Natalie, Natalie slides between Drew’s legs to claim him.

Hank begins reading the Asperger’s book and begins seeing similarities between himself and Max.

Hank goes to Sarah’s when he believes he has Asperger’s and thinks that’s why he lost his wife, clients, contact with his daughter and Sarah.

Hank is at Sarah’s when Carl arrives to pick up Sarah.

Zeek goes back to the diner a second time and strikes up a conversation with the patron.

At the charity event Carl introduces Sarah to someone who is interested in her work and heads off to mingle, and she is a little bit jealous.

At the auction, Ed places a bid on Sarah’s photo collection and talks with Julia. Julia can smell alcohol on Ed’s breath.

When Ed lays a hand on Joel’s shoulder, Joel shoves Ed to the floor and tells him not to bother his wife.

Zeek and his new friend, Rocky, play a game of pool while drinking some beer. Rocky thinks Zeek’s wife is dead since he’s out on his own.

Carl receives the Healthcare Visionary Award.

When Drew tells Amy he and Natalie are just friend, she finds it hard to believe and tells him Natalie was very possessive.

Amy and Drew talk about the way their relationship ended and he forgives her for shutting him out. They make love.

Joel asks Julia what the hell is going on and if she is having an affair with Ed. She assures him there is nothing going on, but he cannot believe that. He gives her the keys and leaves.

Amy decides not to leave right away.

Zeek tries composing an email to Camille telling her to come home, but instead tells her to extend her stay.

Hank returns the book to Adam and Kristina, filled with notations and bookmarks, and asks to speak with Max. Max apologizes and Hank accepts. They play a game of chess.  

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Julia: Listen, I don’t know what you thought…
Ed: I thought that I felt something from you. That’s what I thought.
Julia: I’m married.

You seem like the kind of plus one who wouldn't drink a bunch of Cosmos and then hurl in the shower.