Someone Is Stealing - Queen of the South
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LaFayette learns he needs to come up with $30 million for his private prison scheme or it will be moved to New Mexico. He tells Teresa she needs to give him a $30 million advance or he’ll get to Cheos in Federal prison and make sure he testifies against Teresa. 

When Teresa calls Dieter to withdraw her money, he says there might be a problem. Kelly Anne offers to look into it and realizes that Dieter has been running a Ponzi scheme and stealing from Teresa and his other clients. 

In order to get her money back, Teresa introduces Kelly Anne to Dieter and tells him that her husband disappeared under suspicious circumstances and Kelly Anne needs to clean a large sum of money. Dieter shows up for the meet at the bar but doesn’t bring Teresa’s $30 million as promised. He says he has it at the estate he’s rented on the St. Charles river. Pote, Javier, and the rest of Teresa’s team follow them to the estate.

Dieter says he doesn’t trust Kelly Anne and pulls out a gun. Teresa and Kelly Anne fight him off while Pote, Javier and the rest of the crew take out Dieter’s security. Then they force Dieter to move the money he stole from Teresa into her new private account.

Teresa thanks Kelly Anne for her help and puts her in charge of her accounting. Kelly Anne is thrilled. 

Teresa asks Marcel to take out El Gordo, but Oksana convinces her to have a meeting with the man. El Gordo calls Marcel, he has three of his men and he hasn’t forgotten about Marcel kidnapping his cousin. Marcel reminds him that his cousin was returned alive, but El Gordo kills all three of Marcel’s men anyway. 

El Gordo tells Oksana he’s willing to meet Teresa peacefully, but he still plans to kill her, and Oksana too if he doesn’t come over to his side. Marcel tells Teresa he’s going to take out Gordo and gives her 24 hours to deal with Oksana before it happens. 

At the meet, Oksana chooses Teresa as El Gordo has become a liability. Marcel kills Gordo. Oksana agrees to to provide Marcel with molly for his drug distribution. 

Tony decides he wants to go to a prestigious art school in New Orleans. Teresa encourages him to apply. She even gives him her Range Rover so he can drive himself to the open house. When Tony starts the vehicle, it explodes. 



Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Oksana: Scorched earth won’t fill our pockets.
Teresa: And give him another chance to kill me?
Oksana: You found a bloodless solution to the Cheo problem, I’m sure we can do the same for Raoul.

Louisiana is the prison capital of the world, and just look where the wind is blowing. Our correctional facilities are overcrowded, detention centers on the southern border are swarming with illegals, and the overflow is coming our way.