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Javier lies to Teresa. He doesn’t tell her about killing Rene Bardot, whose dead body is still in the trunk of his own car. He says that Boaz got into a fight with someone at the bar and he helped clean it up. Teresa says they killed an innocent man because of him and nothing can make that right. 


As Javier drives Boaz to the airport to return to Mexico, Boaz floats the idea that he and Javier should take Sinaloa back from Teresa. He tells Javier to think about it. 


Marcel is furious that Bobby is missing. He has video of George holding Bobby at gunpoint. Knowing that Marcel is coming for her, Teresa tries to reschedule a meeting with Gordo and his contact, Oksana, but Gordo tells her if she doesn’t show up, Teresa will lose them both. 


Teresa goes to Judge LaFayette to ask for his help with Marcel, but LaFayette wants 10% of her business if he’s to get his hands dirty.  Then he calls Marcel and tells him he gets one hit at Teresa, an eye for an eye, and then they go back to business as usual. Of course, LaFayette also wants a fee from Marcel for looking the other way. 


Teresa meets with Gordo and Oksana at a club. They make a deal but one of Marcel’s people spots Teresa and he sends his men. Realizing she’s with Gordo, they decide to go after her in the restroom. Teresa spots the man hiding in the restroom, fights him and takes off. 


There’s a young man working on Marcel’s team for the first time. He ends up being killed when he tries to shoot Teresa. The kid reminds George of Bilal. Teresa sees that George needs a break and sends him to Belize to find them a safe spot to move if things go sideways. Before he leaves, he shares a touching goodbye with Birdie. He wants her to come with him, but she chooses to stay because Teresa has offered to back her in starting her own bar. 


Tony takes Kelly Anne’s gun and leaves the house trying to find Teresa. Pote finds him. Tony says he’s tired of feeling helpless. Pote says he’ll give him his own gun once he’s convinced Tony can handle it. 


After returning Tony home, Kelly Anne says she’s sorry they are all such burdens for Pote. He says Kelly Anne isn’t a burden but a blessing. She kisses him and things turn passionate. 


Later, as Birdie takes out the trash at Siete Gotas and three of Marcel’s men attack her and stab her.  

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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Bury Bobby. Put Boaz on a plane back to Mexico. If you want to behave like him, get on the plane with him.


We killed an innocent man because of you. There’s no way to make that right. You put everything we’ve built here at risk. Do you understand that?