James and Teresa Come Up With a Plan - Queen of the South
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James abducts Oksana’s daughter, Amara, to keep her safe from Kostya. Amara tells them that Kostya is a Russian diplomat named Constantine Federal. That’s why he’s untouchable.

Teresa works with the Dominicans to attack the Russians in New York and get Kostya to show himself, but Boaz has sided with Kostya and attacks the Dominicans first.

Kelly Anne and Pote move into a suburban neighborhood as Angie and Pete Rodriguez. Pote is worried because they have a price on their heads, but they eventually make friends with the neighbors. Pote even plays soccer with the kids in the neighborhood. Kelly Anne is delighted.

Chicho calls Pote and tells him Boaz is in New York and he needs his help. Pote tells him he’s retired and that Chicho has to protect Teresa now.

Kostya has Russian ex-military all over Brooklyn. Teresa calls Kostya and says he will eventually need her port in New Orleans. She’s willing to hand over her business if they can work out terms where she and her people can walk away. Kostya agrees to meet but plans to kill her.

James thinks the plan is suicide. Teresa wouldn’t allow him to do this so why should he let her? Teresa kisses him and James says he loves her. The two make love. Later, Teresa tells James that she loves him.

Teresa meets with Kostya. She brings him a gift of her Tequila and pours two glasses. He makes her drink hers first, then he drinks his. Kostya tells her that he refuses her deal and plans to take her business and still kill her and everyone she cares about. Teresa tells Kostya he’s already dead. She coated his glass with the same poison he used on Oksana. Kostya begins to bleed from his nose and mouth and is soon dead.

Kostya's men are shocked. They are about to kill Teresa when Pote and James come in, guns blazing, and rescue her. Pote is shot in the chest but he’s wearing a bulletproof vest which catches the shot.

Devon keeps up his end of the bargain. He likes that she used poison because it makes it easier to make it look as though Moscow put the hit out on Kostya. Devon has Castel send Teresa three times her normal shipment. He takes good care of his partners.

But Teresa realizes that eventually the CIA will want to take her out and she decides to get out of the business now. She plans to head to Belize the next day. She’s taking Amara with her as she’s now considered family. Teresa gives Chicho the bar and distillery in New Orleans. Pote plans to help Teresa get set up in Belize and then come back for Kelly Anne.

Devon finds James. He tells James that no one gets out, not James and not Teresa. He knows that Teresa is headed to Belize and tells James that he knows what needs to be done.

In Belize, Teresa is at her new mansion where she is shot through the window by a sniper. The sniper is James.

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

To the outside world he looks respectable but like the devil himself he lives in the shadows.


Kelly Anne: She was so sweet.
Pote: (about the cookies) They might be poisoned.
Kelly Anne: Oh, come on.