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James is the sniper who shoots Teresa through the window of her mansion in Belize. She appears to be dead.

The police interview Samara, who says she heard the shot, glass breaking, and then screaming. Pote was incredibly upset and made her leave. He guarded the body until the authorities arrive.

Pote is there when they cremate Teresa’s ashes. Even though it is extremely dangerous for him to head back to Mexico, he’s off to Culiacan to scatter Teresa’s ashes in the fields because those were her final wishes.

James takes photos of the police photos of Teresa’s body. He follows James to Culiacán and takes photos of him scattering Teresa’s ashes. He sends the photos to Devon Finch. James tells Devon he’s done with the CIA. Devon agrees, but then James finds a bomb in his vehicle. Devon has sent someone to kill him. James and the assassin get into a firefight where James kills the man instead.

James checks the assassin's phone and realizes that Kelly Anne is a target. He calls Pote. Pote calls Kelly Anne in Little Rock and tells her to run to a motel. If he doesn’t arrive by 3 am, she needs to disappear.

Kelly Anne escapes her home just as two CIA agents arrive. They kill Mike, her neighbor when he comes out to see what’s going on. Later, the two agents pull up outside the motel where Kelly Anne is hiding out.

Chicho helps Pote get in and out of Mexico, but when they are attacked as they are leaving and have to ditch their truck, they carjack someone else’s car. Just over the border in the States, they get a flat tire and stop at a truck stop. Chicho goes inside but Pote is arrested when the police spot him with the stolen vehicle.

Pote takes a plea deal. He will accept a five-year sentence for the carjacking, with the possibility of early release for good behavior. Chicho goes to the motel but Kelly Anne isn’t there. Pote says not to look for her. If she got away, he doesn’t want Chicho leading anyone to her.

Boaz takes over Teresa’s drug business, also taking her bar and distillery that she had left to Chicho. He plans to kill Pote in prison but Devon tells him to leave Pote alone. Pote could have tried to use what he knows to get into witness protection but he didn’t. Boaz tries to get Marcel to work with him but Marcel says he’s out of the business and agrees to stay out of Boaz’s way.

Forty-seven months later, Pote is released from prison. Chicho is there to pick him up. With the help of Marcel, they plan to take out Boaz, but Boaz hits first, firing upon the RV that has Pote, Marcel, and Chicho inside. Pote and Marcel get away but Boaz’s men capture Chicho.

Back at the bar, Boaz tortures Chicho to find out where Pote is, but Pote walks through the front door. Pote challenges Boaz to fight him hand-to-hand but Boaz has his men beat him and is going to shoot him anyway. Then one of Boaz’s men points out the Pote is a legend in Sinaloa. Turning down his challenge will have consequences.

Boaz and an already beaten Pote have a knife fight. Both are injured but it appears that Boaz has Pote down when he fights back. Pote stabs Boaz multiple times, for George, and Kelly Anne, and Teresa. Boaz chokes on his own blood as he dies on the floor.

Pote plans to disappear but before he does, he makes sure Chicho gets the bar and the distillery back. He also hands Marcel a packet. No matter what happened between them, Teresa still considered Marcel family. It turns out Teresa left the waterfront property and enough money to finish it to Marcel. Marcel wants Chicho to help him with the project.

Later, Pote is walking on a beach somewhere in the world. He comes upon a little girl building a castle in the sand. He tells her that her castle needs a soldier to protect it. Kelly Anne comes out of the house and is thrilled to see Pote. She introduces him to their daughter, Lena.

Inside the large beach house are James and Teresa. This was their plan all along. They knew the CIA would never let Teresa go, so she had to die. Samara believed she was dead and key officials in Belize were paid off. Teresa escaped via a large sailboat with a captain she had on standby for two years.

Teresa has learned to cook. James has learned to surf. Kelly Anne has been raising their daughter, all waiting for the day Pote could join them.

Lena is excited to meet her father. After the little girl goes to bed, Teresa makes dinner for Pote and they all enjoy their meal, and their new, quiet life together overlooking the beach.

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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Pote: I talked to George’s people in Belize. Everything is set, they’re expecting us. To George, coming through for us even in death. You know he loved you like a sister.
Teresa: We didn’t get to bury him.
Pote: I know, he wanted to be buried at sea
Teresa: Yeah. When we die, our ashes should go to Culiacán.

He stayed in there guarding her body until they took it away. That was when I knew Teresa Mendoza was dead.