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This is the fourth episode of the second season of Reign, titled "The Lamb and the Slaughter."

A man is running outside in the rain, looking for his dog. He runs into horseman, is frightened, they begin to chase him and he runs.

Francis and Catherine are preparing for the baby's christening. Lola is uncomfortable and Mary assures her that when it comes to parties, Catherine dominates everyone. Lola thinks she and the baby shouldn't be under foot, but Mary reminds her that Francis wants to father his son. Lola wants the East Cottage, on the grounds, but separate.

Mary wonders if she has done something to make Lola want to leave. Lola worries that Mary will come to resent her and her son. Mary assures her she would never be upset with a child. Mary wondered what the distance would mean to Lola's role as one of her ladies. Lola talks of releasing her and Mary does it on the spot.

Conde is sharing the story of the shepherd and the horsemen who frightened him. The people are afraid. Francis dispatches Conde with Bash to check it out.

Leith shows up and Francis apologizes for the loss of his lands. Since Francis has no other lands to dispatch, he offers Leith a place at court helping Bash.

Mary's ladies are lavishing gifts upon Lola for the christening when Lord Narcisse rolls up. With him is the girl he had when we first met him. She was in a cage and had formerly housed Lola while pregnant, Estelle. Narcisse introduces her as his bridge. Hands shaking, she gives Lola a gift. Inside is a note, "help me." Yikes.

Mary is talking about propelling a child to walk on the hills where she and Francis played as children then announces she is with child. They are soon taking another tumble in bed. He wonders how she kept it a secret so long. She didn't want it to interfere with the coronation or the christening.

In pops Catherine! Stay back! Screams Francis. But grandmama knows. She has had her eye on Mary and she's super excited. This makes Mary an heir bearing Catholic and strengthens their claim to the English throne. Catherine has an entire menagerie of stuff brought including food and sage to ward off spirits.

Mary shares the news with her friends and they have champagne. Lola wants to marry again because it's the only way women can have any standing, lands, money.

Bash and Conde are visiting the shepherd. The horsemen offered him a gift, a mark that would protect him and his family. They wanted him to renounce god and he knows others who have been approached. 

Estelle has horrible stories about Narcisse from his household staff. They haven't consummated the marriage, but she has heard of his past wives in puddles of blood and bleeding to death because of sex too soon after a miscarriage. She figures the King's mistress could help.

Kenna shares about her happy marriage of passion with Greer while she tries to get Greet to admit she is ruled by desire even more than Kenna and she might as well just admit it and be happy.

Lola goes to the King and Queen to plead for Estelle. It leads to a brash discussion between Lola and Mary. They have wicked words and Mary agrees that Lola should be housed elsewhere and out of her sight. 

Lola immediately goes to Estelle and agrees to whisk her out of the castle.

It's the party before the christening and there is a giant butter sculpture. Bash delivers the news of the shepherd to Francis. Mary looks for Lola to apologize. She confers with Conde about Narcisse. Narcisse is on his fourth wife.

Conde takes Greer to dance and she meets up with Leith for the majority of the dance.

Mary happens upon Narcisse and asks after Estelle. She's still getting ready. Mary wonders why he married Estelle when there are so many ladies without lords after the plague with substantial dowries. Then Estelle goes to Lola's chamber and Estelle is there. She has just killed a guard. Mary decides to help. She claims her servants are transporting Henry's heart to the basilica.

Mary and Lola mend their friendship and Lola asks her to be godmother. Francis is utterly pleased. On her way to the christening, Mary starts to suffer a miscarriage. Conde happens upon her and helps her to her room. There is blood on her shoes. She doesn't want to ruin the christening and won't tell anyone until after. Conde is concerned.

Conde is stunned at how strong Mary is at the christening considering what just happened. The baby's name is John Philip something first baron something.

Lady Greer shows up at Castleroy's. She rode all night because she wants to marry him, but he calls her bluff. He knows she loves Leith differently. He no longer wants to marry her and she must leave.

A servant rushes to Lola. Estelle threw herself over the cliffs when she heard her parents calling to her from below. They died in the plague.

Conde goes to speak with Francis to tell him Mary didn't look right after the ceremony. Bash barges in. Something has happened with the shepherd. They must go.

Lola finds Narcisse rubbing the hair of Estelle's dead body. He doesn't understand how she got away. Lola says Estelle seemed troubled. Narcisse shares that Estelle's father owed her a great debt. They got married so she could keep her lands and because he needs an heir. He explains his other wives to Lola. The first miscarried so many times because his father pushed for an heir. His second wife was a hemophiliac and died before his eyes.

The shepherd has killed his wife and children. He thinks he was possessed. He said no, but he got the mark anyway and they took his soul and let the devil in.

Mary is in bed. She's pale. She tells Francis and he wonders why she didn't send for him. Mary wanted him to be happy and she has spent so much time wondering what their child would look like and she starts sobbing while being cradled by Francis.

Greer refuses to leave Castleroy. She knows who he is rather than wondering what kind of man he will become. Greer wants to see what's really between us. She seduces Castleroy. 

Francis doesn't know what to believe about the shepherd. Bash is worried about darkness. Catherine goes into the hall and finds two (probably dead) girls in the hallway, stuck by the sage. She kicks it aside and they rush off.

Francis talks with Mary about fireflies they used to chase as children. His favorite part was waiting with her. He takes her to a balcony where he has set a flight a host of sky lanterns.



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Reign Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Francis: You aren't.
Mary: I am! It's been some weeks now but I wanted to be sure and I am sure. I am with child, our child, at last!

The choice of a god parent for a royal offspring, even an illegitimate one, is more than an honor. We are speaking about who would raise my grandson in the event that neither Francis nor Lola could. I've offered. And been denied.