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Todd Reynolds is murdered on the side of the road after his car breaks down. A mystery man pulls up and bludgeons him with a tire iron. The killer left behind a bloodied handkerchief which he used to wipe down the hood of the car. 

Todd’s 10-year-old son overheard someone yelling at his father days before the murder but it isn’t the loan shark from whom Todd had borrowed money.

Paul’s car was sabotaged by a sock stuffed in the gas tank and a killer in Maine used the same methods. Detective Guthrie from Maine brings the sock and handkerchief from his crime scene. All of the evidence is destroyed when the sprinklers go off because someone lit a cigarette and threw it in the garbage int he bathroom. 

Logan recognizes Detective Guthrie’s voice as the man who yelled as his father. Todd had bullied Guthrie at summer camp decades before. Frankie follows Guthrie as he heads to his step-father’s home.  The step-father abused and bullied him as a kid as well.  Jane stops Guthrie before he can shoot the man. 

Someone has stolen Maura’s identity and is charging things are high end boutiques. Instead of reporting it, Maura wants to observe the imposter herself. When she finds out the other “Dr. Isles” has reservations at a high end restaurant, she takes Angela along to get video of her.  Angela gets the video and the con woman is arrested. Maura shares with Jane that she felt the con woman was a better version of herself and she romanticized her imposter. 

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Loan sharking has gotten a lot easier in the age of voicemail.


Frankie: I hope this isn't someone using a case to get some good Italian food in the big city.
Korsak: I have travelled for less.