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Two years ago, a couple jokes around about mixing cocktails and the woman teases the man and tries to make him jealous. The man goes into the fridge but some guy shows up and beats him up, then grabs a knife and goes after the woman.


In the present, the trial is about to start for the killer. Nina comes in and says bad news: the red emeralds stolen in the murder have not been found. Jane also gets bad news: the cutting board with blood on it has disappeared from the evidence room. Jane orders all evidence boxes searched.

Frankie is back to being silly and has bought some stuff to show Nina magic tricks. He has to leave when he gets a call. Angela complains that her kids always work (really?)

The prosecutor says Maura's analysis should be enough. Defense wants the case dismissed. Someone asks Jane what's going on. Jane asks the judge for more time. The judge gives them until 9 AM Monday or she's dismissing the case.

The cops go through all sorts of evidence. Frankie tells someone to check rows 9 - 11 and tells Nina nothing so far. No evidence is missing from other cases. She ran background checks on everyone. Frankie thinks someone from outside must have broken in. They share this theory with Vince and Jane. Everyone has to use a keypad to sign in and their is a security system. Jane wants footage from last week.

Jane sees something on the security tapes. She realizes that if someone logged in remotely they could see the code on the tapes. Nina doesn't have time to trace a suspicious login. 

Kent found a sick baby bird that he is worried about. Vince suggests it has botulism. Kent wants to name it after Mary Queen of Scots as he is Scottish.

Frankie is busy practicing his magic trick while he's on hold.

The perp had no on visiting him except his 82-year-old mother.

Vince and Jane find a magnetized false wall. Apparently the thief built a tunnel into the evidence room. It was installed when a climate control system was put in.

CSU found hairs belonging to a Caucasian woman in the tunnel. Maura thinks Jane needs to get some sleep.

At the Dirty Robber, Kent feeds his bird. Angela finds it weird. She doesn't want it in her bar where it could cause someone to call the Department of Health. She also disillusions Kent about naming the bird Cleopatra. Angela wants some gossip about Frankie/Nina but Kent declines. 

Only four Caucasian women on the crew. One was recently hired and quit right after. She'd been severely injured in an accident, so it's possible someone stole her name -- possibly her no-good sister who has a criminal record.

The woman runs away when Vince and Frankie approach but is quickly arrested. Vince finds the cutting board. It's been cut up and burned.

Vince and Jane interrogate the suspect who isn't talking. Jane wants to know who planned it. They get nowhere.

The board has been destroyed and cannot be used as evidence. Jane needs a connection with the perp. Maura offers a change of shirt. Maura says Donna's ring is a rare stone. Maybe they pulled another theft.

Vince says good morning to Nina, who has been up all night. He wants Nina to look for thefts of stones in the area. Maybe they can find the accomplice.

Frankie tries to do a magic trick and drops the coin on the floor. Jane does it perfectly. She says their parents taught her while Frankie was in bed.

Nina finds three unsolved gem thefts in Chicago. Jane has her expand the search and they find eight thefts nationwide. A few others have been murdered as well. 

Jane thinks the guy was already in the house when the victims got home. They go to see if they missed anything.

Kent shows up with his duck on a leash. The duck is now named Rhianna. He wants Maura to exercise with him. Maura tells him since the duck is healthy now it needs to be returned to its natural habitat.

Angela seems upset that Frankie is doing some cooking with Nina. They bond over hating sports. Nina thinks Angela is a better cook than Frankie.

The victim's daughter lets Vince and Jane into the house but is too emotional to stay.  The AC vent is too slim to get in through. Jane won't leave til she finds something. They search.  Jane finds a problem in a skylight panel. There's blood on the panel. Kent knows that it would take two people. They have less than an hour til court -- can they get the DNA back on time?

The judge doesn't want to give more time and dismisses the case. Jane comes in and the perp looks upset.

They go into chambers. Jane says they wanted him to think he was free. They will make a deal and offer him parole if he offers the name of his accomplice.

The guy eets with his accomplice. The accomplice drives away when Jane shows up. Another chase ensures and Jane knocks the guy to the ground with a nightstick.

Kent is depressed and listening to Bye Bye Love after letting the duck go. The duck left without a thank-you quack. They drink wine together. He feels bad that the duck didn't need him anymore. Maura informs him the duck was a male. Maura thanks him on behalf of the duck (clearly really about herself)

Angela thinks Maura and Jane are sleep deprived. Jane doesn't like Maura's imitation of the Robot.

Nina gives Frankie Bruins tickets. Frankie does magic. Angela thinks that means they're getting serious.


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Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Frankie: It's work.
Angela: My kids always work!

Honey, you have the strangest shopping habits.