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-Frank tells Dov he knows that he's dating Crystal and about the beating.

-Denise shows up at the station with a 2 year old boy she says is Chris' son.

-Nick arrives to work drunk but Andy covers for him.  He confesses that a friend from his platoon was killed.

-SIU is brought in to investigate a prisoner is shot and killed while being booked. Gail, Dov, Chris, Andy, and Frank are all questioned.

-There were several breaches in protocol when everyone who handled the prisoner failed to search him.  When he was ended up in a holding cell he pulled a gun and shot another prisoner before being shot and killed.

-Gail confesses that she didn't pat down the suspect when she first put him in the car.  Dov was yelling for her to help him.  SIU suspends her and she may lose her badge.

-Swarek finds Andy and says he just wanted to make sure she was OK.  She tells him that that's not his job anymore.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

I have to prove that I'm not some tragic little girl who can't take handle herself.


Traci: Who's Mills?
Luke: The one they send in when they're going to throw someone under the bus.