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We pick up exactly where Satisfaction Season 1 left off. Mallory's husband greets Neil and Grace as they walk out of the pool. Neil tries to reason with him by taking their own experience out into the public. So Neil tells Grace how he felt for the first time while she's being held hostage. 

Neil gets a little persnickety while arguing with the guy. The blood at the bottom of the pool is from Mallory's husband's head hitting the bottom of the pool. They plunged down while fighting over the gun. 

Neil hesitates calling 911 and calls someone else instead. 

Neil then goes inside, telling Grace about what he did after he got Simon's contacts. He experimented being a paid escort. Adriana arrives. His precaution.

Grace cannot believe Adriana is there. Neil wonders how they know each other. Grace calls Adriana a monster. Adriana introduces the Trumans to Raymond. He must be a fixer. He wants to get the story straight, lay out the timeline. 

The police arrive, take statements and then Grace and Neil have a talk. She's unhappy.

Afterward, she goes to Simon's. Grace asks him about Mallory and then tells him the story of the day. She needs to hear Neil's story from Simon. Simon undresses Grace out of her panties and bra so she can step into the shower. 

Meanwhile, Adriana appears to be making pina coladas back at the house while Neil wonders why she's still there. She assures him he's finally free, of all the secrets and lies. He can have whatever he wants. Even her. She goes out to the pool and washes the blood away. All gone now.

While Grace is asleep in Simon's bed, "Emma" stops by. She doesn't mind waiting. Grace asks her to leave. Emma thinks Simon is in trouble.

Simon, meanwhile, is at Grace's, getting her things. Neil doesn't take that well. He gives Simon his ties. No, he's not alright. But he feels like himself again. Anika sends him a test from a music festival. Off he goes!

Grace tells Simon his stepmother came by, told her about the stolen paintings. Grace says he promised he's never lie to her, but she doesn't even know who he is. She wonders if he's insane for thinking she'd run away with him and his stolen money. She's made enough mistakes lately. Goodbye Simon.

When Neil cannot get help from security to find Anika, he creates a diversion to rush a stage to make an appeal to Anika. The woman on the stage seems to like him and intervenes, taking him back to a bus. Neil chugs a beer and takes the tour manager onto the couch for some sex.

Grace goes to see Adriana with a new bill for her services. She appears to be holding Adriana hostage. When Adriana steps aside, Grace takes one of her boys to task for thinking women only want sex. Grace tells him what women really want. Adriana thanks her, tells her she can't afford mistakes in her business, that it's all about empowering women. She asks Grace if she knows what she wants while handing her four stacks of money.

Before Grace leaves, Adriana tells her her husband just left, too. He does it a lot, but she thinks it's permanent. She was thinking of getting a fresh start by redecorating the space, but she's just so bad at that stuff...she dangles the carrot, but Grace walks out.

Grace goes home, but Neil is not there. She sees the plane tickets beside the bed, puts one into her purse with the stacks of money.

Neil wants to look for Anika now, but the band finds him first. Anika was looking for him and finds him half clothed. She asks if him and mom are split up. What? Did mom sleep with someone, too? She knew it! She knew it! She also knew it had nothing to do with her because she's the perfect kid. He went all the way to the festival to give her the money from her college fund. He has reassessed. 

Simon visits Adriana. She took his paintings. He throttles her and tosses her up against the wall. She doesn't know who she's messing with. Does he? 

Neil sees Grace at home. She's getting her bag. They both want their marriage to work. But after they kiss, she leaves.

At work, Neil is trying to make things nice for the people he works with. Victor goes nuts. Neil got lucky one time. Neil doesn't want to live the slow death. He's not the same person anymore. His old life is over and the new one won't be conventional. He goes in and conducts the meeting he wants to conduct, screw Victor.

Grace goes to Milan. Or not.

Adriana goes home to find Grace swimming in her pool. She'll be staying in the guest room. I think.

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Satisfaction Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

You pimp out my husband and then you hire me to decorate your house? What kind of monster are you?!


Neil: We need to talk.
Grace: Is this about Simon...
Neil: I don't give a shit about him. Grace!
Grace: What?
Neil: Daniel's wife paid me to have sex with her. She's not the only one either.
Grace: What?
Neil: After I saw you with Simon that day, I got ahold of his phone, access to his clients, and I experimented.
Grace: You experimented? Experimented with what?
Neil: Being a paid escort.
Grace: Are you joking? Is this a joke?
Neil: Look. If all of this comes out right now, then other people will be dragged into this, and we'll be at a huge risk. I had to take precautions.