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As the rest of the crew comes to terms with Jax's desire to switch to the Nomads, Jax tracks down Piney to tell him the news himself. Piney is upset; he gave Jax his father's journal so that he would make SAMCRO better. He tells Jax that the club will "die bloody" if he gives up. He tries to convince Jax to stay and to protect his father's legacy.
Opie and Prospect go on a repo trip to the Indian reservation and bring back a woman's truck. She says that she's a bead weaver, but when Prospect checks the inventory, it turns out that the truck is filled with bullets. Clay goes to the reservation and meets with Ferdinand, the man whose mother had the truck full of bullets. Clay tells Ferdinand that he can either help him or crush him. The tribe's bullet-making operation is in an old school bus.

They can make the bullets that Clay needs, but only if the crew will put them in touch with drug dealers - the tribe has some very potent mushrooms that it would like to sell. Clay brings in the Niners, who will buy the bullets and - after witnessing Tig and the Prospect trip out - the drugs as well.
Chibs is out of the hospital and looking for revenge. With Agent Stahl listening in, Chibs storms into the Hayes's store and fires a warning shot at young Edmond. Chibs is furious that they would sell weapons to Zobelle - the man that bombed Chibs. The elder Hayes pulls a gun on Chibs, and Jax arrives with his own weapon. Jimmy O, in from Ireland, comes out and calms the situation. Chibs is furious at Jax for considering Nomad, and for being kept in the dark about club matters.
Agent Stahl sees Jax's potential move to the Nomads as an opportunity. She invites herself into Jax's home and offers him a deal, saying that if he helps her with the Irish, she'll go easy on him. Stahl cooly threatens to take Jax's son, and tells him that she knows that Jax killed her ex-partner. Stahl then corners Chibs at a traffic stop. She tries to get him to turn on Jimmy O by reminding him of all the things Jimmy has done to him - excommunicated him from the IRA, stole his wife and daughter, gave him his facial scar. She says that they can help each other, and tells him to think about it.
Chibs is tricked by Fiona into meeting with Jimmy O. Jimmy wants to get the gun distribution deal back on track with Clay, and tells Chibs to set up a meeting. Chibs declines, saying that he's not a messenger. Jimmy O tells Chibs that that is exactly what he is, and then needles him by talking about how attractive Chibs' daughter, Carrie Anne, is becoming and the impure thoughts this gives him. Chibs tries to attack Jimmy, but a bodyguard intercedes. Jimmy O shouldn't have pushed so hard; Chibs meets with Stahl and tells her he'll deal if she'll leave SAMCRO alone and protect his wife and daughter. As a show of good faith, he gives Stahl the IRA safe house location. The ATF raids the house and arrests Edmond Hayes, who immediately plays dumb. Stahl uses the same threat she used on Opie: she says she'll leak a rumor that Hayes is helping out the ATF, unless he gives her Jimmy O. Hayes says that he can't, but his father can,
Tara lets Gemma know that Jax is considering going Nomad. Gemma tells her that Nomad is SAMCRO "purgatory" and that it would be very dangerous for Jax to be out on his own with all the enemies that the club has. Gemma talks to Jax about his decision, and compares him to his father. She says that she does not think his father's death was an accident, but that he hated his life and let the road take it. She tells him that going Nomad is a bad idea. She tells Jax to read a specific passage from his father's journal. He does, and learns that his father had once considered going Nomad, but decided to stay for the good of the club.

He checks with Chief Unser, who tells him that the fire was arson but could not have been done by Clay. Jax then tells Clay that he was wrong about his involvement in the studio blaze. He asks Clay if he wants him gone. Clay says yes. The crew meets to decide Jax's fate. Seated around the club table, SAMCRO unanimously votes to let Jax go Nomad. Jax cuts the patches off his jacket right there on the table.
Gemma arranges for Clay, Jax and Tara to meet at her house following the meeting. She sits Clay and Jax down and tells them the truth about her attack. As they listen in horror, Gemma reveals that she was assaulted and raped by AJ Weston and Ethan Zobelle's men, and was attacked to send the club a message. The revelation tears at the two men, who each offer to comfort Gemma and each other. As Jax leaves Clay and Gemma, he spies his patches on Clay's counter. As the episode ends, Jax picks up the patches and takes them with him.

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Jax: Chibs, come on. Let's get out of here.
Chibs: You... are not my VP anymore. Nomad.

Jax: You got a warrant?
Stahl: Do you see me searching?
Jax: I got nothing to say to you.

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Mary 1 Mary Patty Griffin iTunes
Bob neuwirth the places i cant afford to go The Places I Can't Afford To Go Bob Neuwirth iTunes
The brought low theres a light There's a Light The Brought Low iTunes