Admiral on the Bridge
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[Originally aired February 4, 2018 on CBS All Access]

Saru greets Emperor Saru as "Captain" and is corrected when she demands he kneel. Burnham intercedes, explaining that he is her captain. Georgiou reveals they had recently eaten a Kelpian on board her ship. Saru has the Emperor transported to guest quarters and confronts Burnham with her lie that she had seen no Kelpians in the Mirror Universe.

On their way to sick bay, he fills Burnham in on Tyler's condition. When the doctor informs them that Tyler is awake, Burnham refuses to see him unless Saru is ordering her to do so. He isn't and so she leaves.

Saru confirms with Doctor Pollard that Tyler is stable now although they can't really categorize him as either human or Klingon. He visits Tyler in sick bay and although he will no longer have Starfleet access the way he did before, he will have the freedom to roam about the ship. He agrees to provide Starfleet with all the information he can about the species reassignment procedure that the Klingons have developed.

Returning to the bridge, Saru is informed of a Starfleet vessel approaching. Instead of a welcoming hail, however, they are aggressively boarded by Starfleet forces and then joined by Admiral Cornwell and Ambassador Sarek. Sarek mind-melds with Saru to discover what has happened and Cornwell demands to know what happened to Lorca. Sarek informs her that Lorca is dead.

In the conference room, Cornwell and Sarek fill Burnham, Stamets, and Saru in on what has happened in the nine months they'd missed. The Mirror-Discovery was destroyed by Klingons. With the Discovery gone and Starfleet without the code to crack the Klingon cloaking technology, they had suffered massive casualties. However, the Klingons have no unifying leader and the 24 houses are individually attacking Starfleet bases and ships for glory in a chaotic manner that Starfleet has had no success defending against. 

Cornwell orders Discovery to jump to Starbase 1 and that all the information about the Mirror Universe be classified and evidence destroyed in order to prevent the hope of alternate possibilities leaking to the Federation populace. Because they have no spores left, they'll have to go by warp. Before the meeting is adjourned, Burnham informs Cornwell and Sarek of Emperor Georgiou's presence on Discovery.

They visit Emperor Georgiou in her quarters. The Emperor demands to be sent home. Burnham states she deserves political asylum. Sarek and Cornwell are impressed by the resemblance to the Georgiou they knew.

Tyler runs into Stamets and tries to apologize for murdering Culber. Stamets wants to know if he is being tortured by the knowledge of what he did and seems somewhat satisfied that he is.

Tyler goes to the mess hall where his presence causes other crew members to fall silent and stare. Tilly gets up and joins him for his meal. Others follow suit and he is accepted back into the fold.

Cornwell enters the bridge and Saru lets her know that they are within range of Starbase 1. Upon arrival, they discover that the starbase has been conquered by the Klingon house, D'Ghor. They scan and find no Federation life signs. When they are noticed, they jump to warp and escape. Cornwell is in shock.

She goes to confer with L'Rell in the brig about what could possibly end the war for the Klingons. L'Rell tells her that nothing will stop them except for total defeat at the hands of the Federation. Cornwell thanks her and leaves.

Burnham informs the Emperor that they'll need to stay on board for a little longer as the starbase is no longer an option. The Emperor asks about Sarek's connection to Burnham and Burnham explains that he raised her in this universe the way the Emperor raised Mirror-Burnham in the other. Burnham asks Emperor Georgiou how she defeated the Klingons in the Mirror Universe. The Emperor tells her to attack Kronos, the Klingon homeworld, in order to lure all the Klingon house forces back.

Burnham takes her plan to Cornwell and Cornwell proposes it to Starfleet Command. Sarek backs her up. Command points out that they have no intel on Kronos. Cornwell informs them that Discovery will get the information by hiding inside the planet in order to scan it.

In order to spore jump the ship into the planet, Stamets proposes they terraform a moon with mycelial plants.

Sarek and Emperor Georgiou discuss their respective Burnhams. The Emperor proposes further details to win the war.

Burnham accompanies Sarek as he leaves to travel to Vulcan. They discuss Burnham's relationship with Tyler and Sarek advises that she should never regret loving someone. Burnham drops in on Tilly and confides that she feels worried about the future. Tilly advises Burnham go to see Tyler for closure.

Stamets' plan to terraform the moon works perfectly and witnessing the sudden creation of life on dead planet inspires Burnham to go to Tyler. She tells him she can't be with him after what happened. He accuses her of looking for an out then claims that he can't heal without her. She tells him that healing is a solitary path and leaves.

Cornwell and Sarek confer via holographic messaging and agree to move forward with their new plan. Cornwell makes a ship-wide announcement from the bridge and introduces the ship's new captain, the "recently rescued" Philippa Georgiou.

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I could offer excuses. I was trying to destabilize the Terran Empire. I thought Starfleet could benefit from learning about an alternate universe. The truth is that I just couldn't watch her die again, Saru. I wanted to offer her more.


Yesterday, you dined on the entrails of his brethren and today, you seek his favor?