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Sullivan's career hangs in the balance as his disciplinary hearing gets underway.

Emmett, Richard, Ben, and Dixon testify before the panel.

Richard and Ben speak about the difficulties of overcoming addiction and the opioid crisis, saying Sullivan should be given a second chance.

Dixon, meanwhile, throws Sullivan under the bus, insinuating Sullivan is the reason for Pruitt's death, and blackmailed his son into keeping quiet by threatening to out Emmett.

Later, Sullivan makes his case and is interrupted by the rest of Station 19 who speak on his behalf.

The panel decides Sullivan can stay a firefighter but strips him of his rank, meaning he is now a probie at the firehouse.

However, the panel decides to disband the PRT.

Elsewhere, Maya adjusts to living with Carina.

Maya explains why she's having trouble adjusting and confides that she wasn't sure she could turn to Andy for advice.

Andy later acknowledges she hasn't forgiven Maya for everything that's happened, and the pair make up.

Maya then invites Andy to move back in for the rest of her separation.

Emmett's return to the firehouse makes Travis realize he was essentially sleeping with his father.

Travis later tells Emmett he wants to be friends, and Emmett agrees.

Jack gets upset when he thinks Dean believes he pities Marsha, Inara, and Marcus, and Dean tells him he's glad Jack has this surrogate family.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Sullivan: Nice to meet you in real life, sir.
Richard: You’re taller than I thought.

Dean: What’s this?
Travis: Breakfast.
Dean: Pre-cut fruit?
Vic: It truly is some days.
Dean: Wait, no eggs and bacon? We don’t get eggs and bacon? Don’t we sacrifice enough?