A girl leaves school and hears something.She gets home and is killed.

A guy finds the girl frozen stiff outside.

Liz shows up at Red's place. Red is listening to headphones. He gives her a case.

Liz tells him she turned him in. He says nothing.

Then he asks questions and tells her he knew it was her.

He's pissed. She's freaked out.

Ressler is watching video of Dom coming for the package at the post office.

He asks Aram to run prints for him.

Liz returns to the Task Force about the college case.

Ressler and Liz visit the coroner about the dead women.

Liz and Ressler visit Carlisle to ask about another missing girl.

The podcast girl talks about a professor named McCaffrey who likes college girls.

Dembe tells Red he thinks Red should tell her the truth.

Ressler and Liz report back to Harold.

Aram found an isolated cabin that he professor owns.

Red visits Dom. 

Ressler and Liz go to McCaffrey's cabin and find the girl.

Red tells Dom about Dembe and Liz's betryal.

Dom asks why she turned him in and he tells her.

Harold is with a judge and Carlisle's lawyers.

Aram calls Ressler about the fingerprints. He didn't find anything. 

Ressler finds someone who follows him. It's someone related to Katarina. They're trying to find Dom too.

Carlisle is released from prison and accosted by the media and the podcast girl.

Liz is worried about Dembe. Dembe is at the mosque.

Liz and Ressler find McCaffrey and arrest him.

Dom talks about Katarina.

McCaffrey talks to the FBI.

He was where he said he was when the murders were happening.

Carlisle is still guilty and they realize McCaffrey was set up.

Carlisle visits the podcast girl. They kiss and get hot and heavy.

Red visits Dom again to ask why he did what he did about Katarina.

Back at the Task Force they are talking about the case again. Liz has a lead.

Ressler and Liz visit a chemist named Paul. Podcast girl is obsessed with Carlisle. Her name is Kimberly Owens. She's the murderer.

She admits to him what she did. She knocks him out, possibly killing him. Then she does.

Kimberly tells Carlisle a story of freezers.He's still alive.

FBI breaches and saves the boy and arrests Kimberly.

Dom starts his car while Red gets a call from Liz and doesn't answer.

Dembe is packing his bags.

Red tells Dom he doesn't know if he can ever forgive Dembe.

Red is waiting for Dembe before he can leave.

Red tells him he forgives him but Dembe tells Red he can't forgive him.

Red doesn't understand. Red leaves.

Ressler tells Liz about his secret and that he found Dom.

She knows who he is. She goes to visit him. He's shocked she knows he's his granddaughter.












The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

I realized I don't care for who you were. I care for who you are. And that's the only thing that matters.


Liz: Your lunch with Ruteger. You should cancel it.
Red: Why would I do that?
Liz: Because you're going to ask him if he turned you into the police. He didn't. I did.