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This was an even better episode than the first one of The Good Wife. The main storyline focused on a stripper that took her case to Alicia's firm.

She's accusing Lloyd McKeon, of the richest family in Chicago, of raping her at a bachelor party. She even asks for Alicia to be put on the case, which creates questions for the main character. Does this stripper have some connection to her horny husband? Alicia goes to prison and asks Peter about this, but he denies having intimate relations with the victim.

Will and company are convinced she's telling the truth, however, because she actually turned down a $450,000 settlement offer at the outset of the episode. With that, everyone went to work!

Alicia thought she had uncovered a crucial piece of evidence that would crush the credibility of the stripper's driver on the night in question, but it turns out to embarrass Will in court when the evidence itself gets discredited. Alicia apologizes for the mistake, but Will says not to worry about it. They're on the same team. Might these two eventually get together? There's definitely chemistry here.

Meanwhile, as Alicia and Kalinda try to prove their case, Alicia's kids are doing important work themselves. Photos are dropped off at their home - courtesy of the new state attorney, Glenn Childs, who Peter thinks set him up - that depict their father with strippers; and, in the case of one picture, with a crack pipe in his mouth.

But Zach Florrick is great with technology. He blows up these photos online and notices something off about the one with the drug use. Based on details we don't fully comprehend, the point is this: Zach determines the picture has been doctored.

Neither Alicia nor her mother-in-law is aware these photos exist or were dropped off.

By the end of the episode, the accused rapist actually gets off at his civil trial because there's no DNA evidence. But almost as soon as he leaves the courtroom, the cops cuff him. Childs has decided to criminally prosecute the loser after all, something that pleases Alicia because she just wants to see justice served.

Alicia is less happy during the final scene of the hour, though. She decides to watch the full CBS News report about Peter's court appeal, which includes his sex tape with the main stripper he banged, "Amber." On the tape, Peter tells this woman he'd give her "everything" if she just doesn't stop doing what she's doing. That's gotta hurt to hear if you're Alicia.

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Diane: Do you believe her?
Will: I believe a lot of things I can't prove.

It's got Duke lacrosse all over it.

Will [on rape case]