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Louis Canning showed up again this week, going up against Alicia in a fight to sign up the most clients for a class action lawsuit against a pesticide company. The question we kept wondering: was he hired by that company to settle at a low number, or was he actually in it for the right reasons?

Either way, the judge combined classes and forced Canning to work with Alicia. She was able to expose contact he had with the defendant, which likely led to a higher settlement (it was never revealed), but also shed light on Canning's motives: they were neither shady nor pure. He believed people were harmed, but also that companies shelled out far too much in damages during cases such as this.

The lawsuit also shed light on Bond's underhanded dealings. Because the firm suspected Canning of having a mole, Kalinda did her thing, looking into Alicia's computer and seeing it was bugged. So were other computers at the firm. This led to the realization that Bond was the one spying on the team, especially after he gave Will a piece of information that Will knew Bond could only have learned via computer-tapping.

Will and Diane used this trick again Bond, passing emails back and forth that painted his team members as on the fence over who they would vote for in an equity partners' vote. As a result, Bond fired people who, in reality, were loyal to him. This power struggle will soon come to a head.


- Peter and Eli worked to lock up the youth vote, with Peter campaigning for medical marijuana.

- Tammy tried to distance herself from Will, but to no avail. Turns out, she needs him more than she had hoped and told him as much near the end of the hour.

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