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Diane and Alicia get drunk after Will's funeral. They talk about Will, disappointing their parents. When David Lee calls Diane, Alicia drunkenly says she should answer the phone so he thinks they're merging or something. Diane starts talking about how over-extended they are and Alicia says they are, too. Diane says they should merge. They shake on it.

David Lee is representing one half of a divorce while Cary is representing the other. Diane and Alicia sit in and "turn down the temperature." Diane then moves David's office. Damian Boyle tells David Lee what he overheard at the bar. There's trouble ahead.

Back at Florrick/Agos Jeffrey Grant's father is asking them to take on a wrongful prosecution case. He says heads are gonna roll for what has happened. Alicia tells Cary if he takes the case she'll quit. She then calls Finn Polmar to set up a meeting.

Alicia goes to pose with Peter for a photo op. Peter asks how she is and she lets loose. He wants his wife back and she thinks a photo op is good enough.

David Lee attempts to ruin the plans Diane and Alicia are talking about by introducing a sex tape into the already settled divorce proceedings. 

Diane asks Kalinda to go to Will's to see how many commitments Will made for the firm in New York and LA. His family boxed up his work things. Kalinda tells Diane David Lee and Damian are trying to remove her as managing partner. Diane says to let them come after her, but Kalinda offers to see what she can do to help her.

The case between the firms becomes increasingly hostile.

Kalinda goes through Will's box and comes to a photo of her and Will.

Alicia finally catches up with Finn and rushes into the states attorney. 

David Lee makes a mockery of the divorce when he shows the video to the judge and the husband clearly has no interest in what Lee is doing.

Diane runs into Alicia at the courthouse and Alicia rushes past, brushing her off.

Kalinda shows up at Cary's, intent on having sex. He wants to touch her and she keeps seeing Will's brains blowing out. she cries and leaves. 

Alica argues the divorce case as if it's the biggest case she's ever had because he's a materialist. When someone dies, there's nothing left of them. Diane finally understands as the case unfolds. She runs into someone Grace used to know dancing outside. She tells her she thinks she thinks she made a mistake -- being an attorney. She goes home and crawls under the covers.

Finn talks with the States Attorney -- his "friend" Jimmy -- and notices he's being asked when "he" stopped looking at the professor for the murder. Finn calls Alicia.

Diane calls Alicia to talk about the merger and asks if she's trying to leverage the divorce to get a better deal. She says she's under the weather and has to go. She's missing calls from Finn, who's feeling pressure, as well.

Alicia had sex with Jenna and looked through her case files.

Kalinda gives a copy of a contract to Damian that is with a competing family from his old neighborhood. It will mean he has to quit the firm or risk anger from the family he did business with.

Diane steps in and does what is right during the divorce proceedings when she's clear Damian's out of the firm. Jenna comes up and punches Kalinda in the face on the street.

Finn shows up at Alicia's and heads into her bedroom. She apologizes for missing their meeting. She tells him she just needed a day. Finn shares that he and his wife lost a child due to a miscarriage and offers to help if she needs it. Peter sees him leaving Alicia's bedroom. 

Peter and Alicia have a throw down argument about their past, present and future.

David Lee calls Louis Canning about a merger.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Diane: We were like the two mistresses at the Irish funeral.
Alicia: Yep.
Diane: I'm sorry, I meant that metaphorically.
Alicia: I know.

Alicia: If I die before you, please don't let them read "Wind Beneath my Wings" at my funeral.
Diane: Who knew it had so many verses?