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A picture of Zach might become a public relations nightmare for Peter while Alicia becomes a witness after a visit to Colin Sweeney. 

Alicia discovers Zach was taking a bong away from his friend when a photo was taken.

Shauna calls Alicia to tell her she wasn't smoking pot and she can't lie for Zach when he has a problem.

A scream -- Renatta's bridesmaid hung herself.

Alicia becomes a witness in what becomes another confusing affair with Sweeney, his fiancee and his sex room.

Alicia recommends Lockhart/Gardner & Canning to represent Renatta.

Finn gets the case against Renatta and has flashbacks to the shooting during the trial.

Alicia and Owen have an intervention with Zach. He tosses his parents playing Bill and Hilary back at Alicia.

The States Attorney puts Finn into the case to make him a sacrificial lamb. Finn tells Castro he's running against him and to immediately return all his cases. The only caveat -- Finn has to file as a candidate with 7,000 signatures, stat.

Castro goes to Peter looking for his support. Peter doesn't want to give it to him and Eli thinks he's nuts.

Sweeney manipulates Alicia so that she looks biased on the stand. It was Diane's idea.

Owen and Alicia talk over some wine about Will and whether she's OK. 

Peter announces his support for Finlay Polmar during a press conference and Eli calls Finn to let him know and when they can go over his platform.

When Renatta is cleared, she thanks Alicia for saving her marriage. Colin was so much worldly than her, and she just wanted to know what it felt like to see the life drain out of someone's eyes, like he did, so they could have that in common. Oh my.


The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

You should see Alicia drink.


Alicia: Did Renatta do it or did you?
Sweeney: Now that's just rude. Let's let the judge decide. Then we can talk.