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Alicia must manage it when a CEO makes insensitive statements that jeopardize a mult-billion dollar merger. 

Finn is cleared of any wrong doing and Jeffrey Grant's death is laid at the hands of the States Attorney. 

Finn got a haircut. Finn and his wife are divorced, something that happened after her miscarriage.

Rayna Hecht asks Lockhart/Gardner to be co-counsel on a case.

Florrick/Agos is representing a guy in court who says all the wrong things, and he compares the one percent to the Jews in Nazi Germany, taking all bargaining power out of Alicia's hands.

Castro goes to Peter to tell him that he did approve the charges against Grant, but he didn't put a gun in his hand. When Peter dismisses him, he shows Peter a photo of Finn coming out of Alicia's. He asks Peter how it will look when he endorses his wife's lover. Peter throws water in his face.

Peter wants to wait on the endorsement. Eli reminds him that he's already endorsed him, he just hasn't appeared with him.

Diane and Louis argue over a new client.

Mr. Paisley tells Alicia that Neil from Chum Hum called to say it was about time someone told the truth about the way it is. Alicia then introduces a Jewish man to Paisley to talk about how different they are.

Peter is flirting with an intern in the office and Eli puts the kibbosh on that.

Paisley goes on the air again and continues to say the wrong thing. Alicia loses jurors.

When Peter goes off on Eli about being babysat, Eli finally understands about their relationship and heads over to talk with Alicia.

Eli shows up as Zach tries on his graduation gown. He asks Alicia what's going on and she says to ask Peter. He asks if it's about Will dying and she says it's about everything.

Diane tries to buy David Lee with Rayna.

Eli promises Peter that people will talk no matter what they say. Peter shows the photo to him and says sometimes people don't have to say anything.

Paisley tells Alicia that she is the one percent. He brings up Ayn Rand and she says it's like basing your philosophy on John Grisham.

Alicia assures Eli she isn't sleeping with Finn. 

Kalinda and Cary are sleeping together and Kalinda learns Rayna is speaking with them, as well.

Eli tells Peter what he learned from Alicia.

Florrick/Agos uses a focus group to craft an apology for Paisley and when she goes on the air with two black gentleman, she gets their names confused because she cannot see their faces and they make her seem racist.

Diane goes to Florrick/Agos to ask why they soured Rayna Hecht against her, but they tell her they never met with her because she left to go talk with Canning. He poisoned the well against his own firm. Alicia tells her if there's anything they can do and Cary says it's her fight. Diane agrees.

The intern knocks on Peter's door asking if there's anything else he needs.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Howard: What do I call you? Is it crippled or handicapped or what is that other word...
Louis: What do you call me? How about Louis?
Howard: No. When I'm talking to other people. What do I call you? Challenged. Isn't that the word? Hmm? Challenged. Do you like that?
Louis: Yes.

Alicia, you're hurting. That's all. I've been watching you over the last year with Peter and you love him. And if you don't, he loves you.