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Alicia tells Jason that she wants him but they both agree they don’t know what they are yet. He gives her a deed to land on Mars and leaves when Grace is at the door. The florist sends funeral flowers for the party they are throwing for Howard and Jackie by mistake. 

Everyone shows up early for the party. Zack introduces his pretensious girlfriend, Hannah whom he announces he’s going to marry. Hannah is graduating college this year and has a job in France. Zack is dropping out of school to go with her and write his memoir. Alicia asks him to wait because Peter may be facing a three year prison sentence. 

Later, Hannah tells Alicia that marriage doesn’t have to define them and it’s okay if Zack leaves her if he’s not happy. Alicia tells Peter that they should let Zack make his own mistakes. 

Jackie and Veronica argue at the party and Jackie lets it slip in front of Grace that Peter and Alicia are getting divorced. Grace tells Zack and the two confront Alicia, accusing her of divorcing Peter for Jason, which she denies.

Diane has new letterhead printed up with the title Lockhart Florrick, & Associates. Diane says that David Lee is fine with it as long as his finances don’t change. 

Eli asks Jason to investigate what the AUSA has on Peter. Jason finds that Peter was at the crime scene and later vetoed the blood splatter evidence. Peter says that he saw the lab tech walk across the blood splatter at the scene and he knew if it were allowed that they would lose the case and look bad. He also hired a private consultant to check on the ballistics evidence. He hired Kurt McVeigh. Later the bullets went missing. 

Jason tells Eli what he’s found but Eli is unhappy with the results and fires him. Jason does more digging and finds that the lab tech has numerous complaints on file for botched evidence. 

Jason pulls Alicia out of the party to tell her he’s sorry about the gift. It was just a silly joke. He wants her too but he generally doesn’t stay in one place for very long and when he eventually does want to leave here he’ll want her to go with him and he’s not sure she’ll be able to do that given her job and family. Alicia says to let her think on it. 

Cary hires Louis Canning to be his lawyer if he needs one during Peter’s trial. Canning calls Diane who is representing Eli and asks if they can join forces. 

Michael Tascioni backs out of Peter’s trial because his dog is sick. Eli asks Diane if she can step in. 


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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 20 Quotes

There's a funeral somewhere that's getting flowers saying Congratulations Howard and Jackie.


Alicia: Zack, this is the stupidest thing I've heard you say in a while.
Zack: Thanks Mom.
Alicia: And there have been some pretty stupid things.