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-Charlotte Coates is found dead from a blow to the head. She was a 21 year old model who snuck out of drug rehab.

-Jane pretends to have kleptomania and steals things from the rehab, including a ruby necklace Charlotte was accused of stealing from her parents.

-Cho follows Charlotte's therapist to the place she hid the necklace. She had a gambling problem and killed Charlotte for it when she wanted to return it to her parents.

-Lisbon personally pays for a second autopsy to prove that Amanda Shaw (Tommy Volker's assistant) did not commit suicide.

-With Van Pelt's help, she tracks down Charles Milk who they believe is Volker's enforcer. Lisbon fights Volker's connections and intimidation but finally gets a judge to sign a search warrant for Milk's home.

-Before they can execute the warrant, Milk and two innocent bystanders are killed in a drive by shooting.  Lisbon asks Jane for help in taking down Volker.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Either you have a breakthrough in the Volker case or you're in love. Which is it?


I looked Amanda Shaw in the eye and I promised to protect her. I failed.