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Bell thinks about Lane while dodging a woman tryin to pick him up at the bar. He drives off and sees a prostitute that reminds him of Lane. He pays her to get in but not talk because she doesn't sound like her. It's a cop, and he's arrested for solicitation.

His lawyer gets him out and tells him he has to report it to the medical board of he's convicted.

A teen boy roller skating is knocked over a railing and injured. People call the ambulance and three med vac choppers come to the scene each of them arguing over jurisdiction. Chastain takes the kid Jack.

Devon and Mina race each other on scooters. Conrad and Irving put him in charge of a group of med students touring.

Marshall calls Conrad into a meeting with Bell to talk about ways to improve the hospital. They bicker.

A diabetic teen raids the drug cabinet.

Jack needs surgery and AJ volunteers because he's triple certified.

Devon is annoyed with his over eager students. They stop in to see the new medical rep who charms Devon.

Conrad suspects Jack has cancer because of his family history. He has pancreatic cancer. They try to arrange for jack to go to the best cancer facility.

Mina and Nic find the young girl who stole from the cart. She stole insulin because she had diabetes.

Micah tries to show mina how well he's doing in physical therapy.

Devon helps mina and nic. He sends the med students to get a kit, but the know it all gunner doesn't consult a nurse like Devon told him to. It costs them time and the patients health.

Micah tries to distance himself from Mina because he doesn't want to be a burden, but she refuses tho let him.

Jack has a bleed on his tumor which means he can't fly. He needs the surgery immediately. Nolan starts doing the surgery. AJ and Bell talk about the surgery being Bell's specialty.

Irving reminds Devon that he used to make mistakes too. Devon talks to the gunner who feels guilty. They find out abby's mother works multiple jobs to pay for abby's insulin. Abby didn't want to tell her mother she was low. She started rationing and got sick.

Nolan keeps scraping away at Jack's pancreas and there is barely any left. He needs a whipple. Conrad asks Bell to do it because it's his specialty. He scrubs in, and it's a success.

Julian the med rep presents Jack's family with a new insulin pump that cost 10 grand, but it's sadly something Abby couldn't afford.

Marshall and Nic have a talk about Abby. Nic, Conrad, and Mina propose a outpatient clinic for the uninsured to Marshall and Bell.

Mina sends Micah off to rehab. She tells him she's not taking an out. AJ watchers then kiss and say goodbye from inside.

Bell is being charged but because he has to self-report, Bell doesn't.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Bar patron: Who was she?
Bell: The love of my life. She turned out to be a psychopathic doctor who poisoned her own patients. She's in jail for murder. You have a nice night.

Mina: Micah, we almost lost you. Let's just enjoy this moment right here, right now. Isn't life beautiful?
Micah: You are what's beautiful.