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Conrad is in a funk in the aftermath of his firing from Chastain. He misses his patients and working with Nic Devon, and the others. 

A former patient of his, Finn, comes into the hospital looking for him. He needs a doctor to accompany him on a zero-gravity, space adventure he wants to do. Nic contacts Conrad, and he gladly takes part in it thinking Nic organized it to get Conrad out of his funk. 

Finn wants to do this as one of his final adventures since his diagnosis isn't looking too great and he's dying. But he's an optimistic person who wrote and published a book and beat the odds. The zero-gravity project is so he can be free of his wheelechair for the first time in his life. 

He tells Conrad that if something happens to him while he's there, he doesn't want Conrad to blame himself. There are risks. They take part in it with other people, and Finn plays a joke on Conrad pretending to be having a heart attack, but it's false. 

One of the people accomanying them actually does have a heart attack, and Conrad has to work quickly while floating to revive him with the help of Finn. 

Afterward, Finn asks COnrad if he's OK. Conrad admits he doesn't know what to do with himself now without working at Chastain and that he's lost. Finn gives him a much needed pep talk to force him to stop wallowing and encourages him to kick Red Rock's ass. 

Conrad had been ignoring his father's calls so Marshall finds Bell to get more information on what happened. Bell warns him that if he's going after Red Rock, he needs to have  paln. He also tells him that Logan is Marshall's best bet. 

Marshall corners Logan, and Logan threatens Marshall with information on where all of Marshall's bodies are burie dand exposing him. 

Cain implements a new commission based salary for all of the doctors so the more precuedures they do the better their pay. He gets on AJ's case, and when AJ has to check in on Annie, he tells AJ that he shouldn't recommend DNR's. 

AJ ignores Cain and has to do a risky surgery on Annie after she finds out she's cancer free but has lung issues. 

AJ and Cain go toe to toe. 

Mina is overhwhelmed with baby Michelle. AJ gives her some advice. 

Devon gets his new interns. They get a patient who comes in with a cough, but Eline, his one intern consults with one of the specialists and takes the patient for a needless procedure which spirals into a bunch of issues when the patient's body reacts to having something it didn't need. 

It's a chain of events of the patient reacting to the initial needless procedure which leads to more issues and more things o diagnose. 

Eline is afraid she's going to lose her job, but Devon assures her she won't. Cain is just fine with the number of procedures wracked up. 

Devon thinks he has a rash or something going on with him, and Nic tells him that it's him responding to the stress of beign a resdent now. 

Conrad finally calls his father back, and says he's ready to fight Red Rock, and Marshall warns him it's going to a fight like nothing they've done before, and it won't be easy.

The Resident
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