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Lucy regains consciousness as Caleb is tattooing the day of her death on her body. Then she wakes up again and she’s duct taped to a chair. He says the day of death tattoo is to give the victim clarity. He gets angry when Lucy says that Rosalind is in control and he is her protege. 


When Lucy fails to come home all night and won’t answer her calls or texts, Sgt. Grey has the entire precinct looking for her. 


Lopez calls in sick after fearing that Wesley tried to commit suicide the night before by mixing alcohol and pills. But when Bradford calls her and tells her about Lucy, she heads to the precinct and makes Wesley go with her. 


Lucy breaks her restraints, punches Caleb and tries to escape but runs into one of his tripwires. She realizes that the house he’s taken her to is in the middle of nowhere. Then Caleb pepper sprays her and beats her when she tries to fight. He makes her hike into the hills, holds a gun to her head and makes her get into a steel barrel. Before she gets in she takes off her ring and drops it near the site. Caleb doesn’t notice as he seals her into the barrel and buries it in the ground.  


Bradford confides in Lopez how upset he is that he pushed Lucy to go out with Caleb even when she hesitated. That he was standing in front of the guy and never saw what he was. 


Grey sends Nolan and Harper to interview Rosalind. Armstrong is furious but Grey knows that he’s too close to the case and that Rosalind likes to manipulate him. They realize that Rosalind is getting black market contraband even on death row and that’s how she’s been communicating with the outside. 


Bradford hunts down the person running contraband into the prison and it leads to a prison guard’s name, but that guard has been on disability for three years and his identity was stolen. 


Caleb hunts down Armstrong at his wife, Rebecca’s grave and tells him that either he comes with Caleb and dies, or Lucy dies in his place. Nick goes with Caleb. Caleb leaves a photo of Lucy with the caption “Now I have 2 cops” along with Nick’s cellphone at Rebecca’s grave before they leave.


Wesley helps research Rosalind and they find that her family owned a farm in the hills. Nolan and Harper arrive first. They save Nick but Harper shoots Caleb. Nolan calls Grace and asks her to help him save Caleb. Nolan sticks his fingers in the wound to try and stop the bleeding as Caleb screams and says Lucy is already dead, but Caleb dies anyway. 


The rest of the team arrive and everyone searches the grounds for where Lucy is buried but it’s a huge area. Bradford stumbles upon the ring Lucy left on the ground. Everyone frantically digs up the barrel but Lucy isn’t breathing. Bradford performs CPR until she comes back to life. He holds her while she sobs. 


Lucy is recovering at the hospital where Bradford has been by her side. Tim brought her her favorite meal, Nolan brought a giant teddy bear, and Jackson brought flowers. They all joke about how Lucy will never date again. 


Nolan goes to the prison to tell Rosalind that Lucy is alive and Caleb is dead. When she tries to make another deal to reveal the rest of her kill sites, Nolan tells her that they found Caleb’s notes. He wrote down everything she ever told him so they don’t need to make any more deals. As Nolan leaves, Rosalind says she knows a horrible secret about Nick Armstrong that Nolan will want to know, but Nolan simply walks away. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Nolan: If anything’s happened to Lucy.
Harper: Don’t go there. If she is in trouble the only way you are good to her is if you are focused solely on saving her not playing worst-case scenarios.

Wesley: I know it looks bad.
Lopez: Looks bad. I asked you if you were trying to kill yourself and you said, “I don’t know.”