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Wesley says he’s going back to work. He’s seeing a doctor, and taking medication for his panic attacks but he’s lying to Angela. He isn’t at work. He’s day drinking at a bar. When Angela comes home, she finds him passed out on the sofa after mixing his anxiety medication with alcohol and questions whether he was trying to hurt himself. 


Rosalind Dyer, a female serial killer currently on death row for the torture and murder of seven victims has made a deal with the District Attorney’s office to show them three more bodies she buried in Griffith Park. If she shows them the three bodies, she will be downgraded to life in prison.


Det. Nick Armstrong led the task force on the original case and is angry that Rosalind won’t be getting the death penalty. He’s still upset and guilty because he spent all of his time on this case while his wife, Rebecca was dying of a terminal illness. 


While at Griffith Park, the husband of one of Rosalind’s victims tries to shoot her but is arrested. When the team finds Rosalind’s first body, there’s another body buried near it that was killed only six months ago, while Rosalind was in prison. 


The new body is female and someone tattooed that date of her death. She also asphyxiated while being held in a small space. Rosalind leads them to her second body, where they find another victim. This one was killed only three months ago, tattooed and also asphyxiated in a small space.


It is exactly three months since the last victim and the police fear another victim might be killed today. Nick, Bradford, and Chen go through all of Rosalind’s prison library books and find a hidden cipher that decodes to the name Bryan Coleman. When they get to Coleman’s house, it’s empty but has a wall of pictures of Nick’s deceased wife with a message saying he’s failed. 


The autopsy on the newest victims reveals a substance under their fingernails that leads Nolan and Harper to an old zoo that’s been closed for years. They find the next victim, having already been tattooed but still alive. Nolan and Harper chase the suspect but he gets away. 


Sgt. Grey sends everyone home, reminding them that although they haven’t caught the killer yet, they saved his latest victim. Then they find another body at the zoo which belongs to Bryan Coleman, the man they thought was the killer but has been long dead.


Bradford encourages Lucy to go out and decompress before going home to bed. She calls Caleb Wright, a guy she met in a bar while she was out with friends. She has a great time, until Caleb drugs her and dumps her in the trunk of his car. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Rosalind: I was just thinking about how you saved my life. I’ve literally pealed a woman’s face off and yet you put your body between me and a bullet. Why?
Nolan: It’s my job. I don’t get to choose who I save.

Nolan: Any advice on how to deal with her?
Nick: Don’t try to figure her out?
Nolan: Because I’m not qualified.
Nick: Therein lies the madness. Is there any real rationale why someone would take off a person’s hands or pour boiling oil down someone’s throat? There’s this morbid curiosity to ask why. Don’t. You don’t want to know what’s in her head and you sure as hell don’t want her in yours.