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After collapsing, Henry needs a pulmonary valve replacement due to complications from his heart issues and surgeries he had as a small child. He needs to decide whether to have a minimally invasive procedure now, which will only last up to five years, or the permanent fix, which is far more invasive and has a 20% risk of fatality.

Henry wants the riskier procedure because then he won’t have to worry about this ever again. His parents disagree. Then Henry passes out, and his heart stops. When the doctors get it started again, they say a decision needs to be made now. Sarah wants to do the less risky procedure and then reassess when Henry is stable. John says Henry made his wishes clear, and this will be a betrayal. They go with the riskier surgery.

Later, Sarah tells John that his compulsive optimism is exhausting. During all five of Henry’s surgeries as a baby, she feared he would die while John was convinced he would be fine.

Abigail is upset that Henry never told her how serious his heart condition really was and made it sound like it wasn’t an issue. John says that Henry probably believed it was, but Sarah tells Abigail she has the right to know the whole truth about Henry’s condition if they plan to spend their lives together.

In the end, Henry comes through the surgery and will likely make a full recovery.

As Wesley and Angela wait for their doctor’s appointment to check not the baby, they learn that Sandra De la Cruz, aka La Fiera, is at the hospital. Angela is called in to assess the situation. It appears La Fiera is there because her son is having knee surgery, but she’s also trying to make a deal with a dying drug kingpin, Tomas Madrigal. If she gets her deal, it will usurp the power of Madrigal’s son, Cesar.

Harper gets a warrant to wiretap Madrigal’s room, but Tomas and La Fiera speak in code. But La Fiera brings up Wesley’s name in the conversation, and it appears she knows Angela is listening, and this is a threat.

Wesley is called to the parking garage to meet Angela but finds the “detective” who delivers the message is actually a man named Galeno who works for La Fiera. Galeno threatens Angela. Instead of backing down, Wesley tells him that if Angela is hurt, Wesley will call in every favor from every rabid animal of a criminal he’s ever defended to seek his revenge. Galeno says he appreciates such passion but reminds Wesley that there’s not only he and Angela but the baby to consider too.

Angela goes to La Fiera as she leaves with her son and asks her to take Diego and leave the country to keep them both safe. La Fiera says that walking away isn’t an option in her line of work, and she has no desire to do so.

At that moment, Cesar Madrigal’s men open fire on them, killing Diego. Angela defends her and La Fiera until backup arrives. Harper and Grey realize that with Diego dead, there’s nothing to stop La Fiera from starting a war against Cesar Madrigal on the streets of L.A.

Mack Daniels, the former police officer whom Bradford turned in for drug use, is working personal security for Tomas Madrigal. It’s clear he’s still using. Bradford begs him to take control of his life and get into rehab before it’s too late. It appears as though he may have gotten through to his old friend.

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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

You are a lying liar who lies.


Now we just have to wait until she poops. Who says being a cop isn’t living the dream?