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The episode opens Henchman 21 arguing with the ghost of Henchman 24, until the Monarch comes in and grabs 21 for an important mission.  They meet with Monstroso, who offers to finish off Venture once and for all... with paperwork.  The two of them execute a plan that will make all of Venture's assests the Monarch's if Venture can't correct a zoning issue.  From a blackberry that 21 stole, they find out that Monstroso plans on double crossing them and that Monarch actually signed away his rights to arch Venture.  Henchman 21 goes rogue and heads out on his own, and Mrs. Dr. The Monarch encourages him to do so, because it won't violate guild rules.

We join up with Brock and ShoreLeave on a SPHINX mission stopping Dr. Schumpmaker, an unlicensed villain making stink bombs.  They return back to base for a nice tomato bath to get rid of the smell.

Dr. Venture, in order to not lose the compound for zoning violations, must make sure 70% of his compound is devoted to doing good.  He plans on kicking out many of his tenants, including a meth lab, and wants to bring in Billy and Pete White.  While showing them the factory he wants to give them, he discovers it's actually the base of SPHINX and they've been freeloading using a key that Brock kept!

We finally learn the nature of S.P.H.I.N.X.  It was an evil organization in the 80s, but modern day SPHINX ended their reign and stole their equipment.  They kept the name so they could use the theme and equipment.  Now, they're on a mission to stop non-Guild licensed villains from doing anything damaging.

Henchman 21 arrives and SPHINX sends Brock to stop him.  They two of them have an epic battle, Brock, of course wins, and the two of them team up to stop Monstroso themselves.

After the credits, Hank comes in to see Brock eating cereal in the kitchen.  Yay!

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Henchman 21: Do we have souls?
Henchman 24: Yes, but they're not quite souls, but in Earth's general idea, everything has a soul.
Henchman 21: Crap, so I guess we should become vegetarian.
Henchman 24: No, like everything living has a soul, even spinach. You can't win.
Henchman 21: So that's a problem.
Henchman 24: Here's something. You know how people cry about aborting babies because of their soul? Turns out you don't get a soul until you're like one.
Henchman 21: So, weird, one. Really?
Henchman 24: Or maybe six months. I forget. Either way, you're just this little crying, pooing monster blob until you get your soul.

Henchmen 24: Ask me any question.
Henchmen 21: Okay, what's the meaning of life?
Henchmen 24: The color twelve.
Henchmen 21: Really?
Henchmen 24: No, idiot, ask me something less Hitchhiker's Guide, dork.