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Ivar is taken under Oleg's wing, and the pair go to a meeting with the latter's brother. 

Oleg poisons his brother and has all of his men killed while outside. 

His plan is to take the child named Egor so he had some power. 

The kid is livid, but things take a turn when Oleg's other brother, Dir, shows up looking for answers. 

He wants the kid, but Oleg says he will kill him if he tries to take him. 

In the end, Dir says that he has a new wife, and Oleg reveals he has her in his custody. 

He makes Dir agree to let him, Ivar, and Egor pass peacefully to Scandinavia. 

Dir agrees. 

Meanwhile, Lagertha leaves Kattegat and work starts on her new home. 

But the branded men arrive and it looks like she's in for a tough time. 

Elsewhere, Bjorn seeks counsel from the gods and later realizes that Floki's disappearance was mysterious. 

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