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Let's start off with some hot naked action on this week's recap:

Andy and Audra get it on... a lot! She hasn't been with a man in awhile, and Andy is a man that certainly knows what he's doing. The results are orgasmic for Audra and the episodes continues to cut in with quick scenes of their sexual trysts.

Also getting in on the action? Celia. Sort of. The lady in charge at "You're Pretty" cosmetics clearly crushes on Celia, who hilariously asks her daughter for advice on how to be a lesbian. This turns Isabelle against her mom, as she offers Doug and Dean her help at the end of the episode. They all wanna get back at Celia.

Meanwhile, Silas just wants to get into the pants of Adelita. She's Esteban's daughter, visiting to look at colleges and clearly more educated than Silas. She actually reads!

At first, Nancy is taken aback by how mature Adelita is; but then she seems that this young woman has a strong, intelligent head on her shoulders, quite the contrast with what she's done to Silas and Shane. Nancy confides to Esteban that she's screwed up her kids.

She also confided with Guillermo earlier and he said he could kill Pilar as she wants, but first he must get transferred to a Mexican jail. Cesar helps to make this happen.

Finally, at the end of the episode, as Esteban is setting up his campaign headquarters, he gets arrested. The charges involved money laundering and tax evasion. Did Pilar set him up? It's safe to assume so for now.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

I screwed up my kids.


Andy: If you don't cum, the terrorists win.
Audra: We can't have that.