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Jones’s old navy buddy Jimmy went missing this week, and it was up to Neal, Peter, and Jones ex-fiance to bring him home. It turns out Jimmy had gotten involved in the underground trading of valuable material whose export value would be hampered by taxes if imported legally. In order to make some money and provide for his wife, he got involved with the wrong people, who kidnapped him when he threatened to expose their motive.

Jones was the center of the episode,  as we learned got a glimpse into his love life as well as his past relationship with Jimmy.

Sara, having discovered that Neal had been hiding the truth about the treasure from her ended their rather brief relationship, much to Neal’s surprise and disappointment.

Mozzie continued to push Neal for the location of the u-boat manifest that Peter kept so closely guarded. Neal eventually breaks into both Peter’s office and his home until he locates the manifest. Though he does find it at the Burke home, Neal conceals this information from Mozzie.


White Collar
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White Collar Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Guilty people do guilty things. Am I wrong?


Choices are sacrifices.