19 TV Duos That Should Become Trios

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There are some wonderful duos on TV and their chemistry stands out really well for the audience. But sometimes they are connected by another person, and adding them into the mix would create a possible iconic trio in the process. 

This is the best case scenario for love triangles where all the people involved are somehow connected to each other, and it removes this idea that there needs to be a choice. Someone is always stuck in the middle when honestly they don't have to be. 

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Here is a slideshow of a few examples of exactly that, specifically both platonic and romantic relationships that would only benefit more with the addition of another epic person. 

1. Nancy + Steve + Jonathan - Stranger Things

Nancy + Steve + Jonathan - Stranger Things
Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan utilized Stranger Things Season 1 to make a real argument for why love triangles don't have to exist, not when the people in them all care for each other. Steve's character development may have helped his relationship with Nancy, but it didn't stop there, with Steve also making an effort to replace what he ruined in Jonathan's life. So the next step is obviously them realizing that they work best all together, rather than trying to divide into one couple and a third wheel.

2. Bellamy + Zeke + Raven - The 100

Bellamy + Zeke + Raven - The 100
Consider this wishful thinking because, with the way The 100 Season 5 should have ended, it just opened that door for some high-quality Zeke and Bellamy interactions. Zeke is becoming a part of Raven's life, starting with the people closest to her. So why not throw out the idea of Bellamy/Zeke/Raven out into the open? If we are waiting until the last possible moment to explore Bellamy and Clarke then why not allow Bellamy's romantic life to actually be given the attention it deserves?

3. Ryn + Ben + Maddie - Siren

Ryn + Ben + Maddie - Siren
This explanation just writes itself, especially with how obvious Siren is being about Ryn wanting the comfort that comes from both Ben and Maddie. Ben and Maddie may have their own thing going on, but with Ryn's appearance, it is obvious that the mermaid isn't a way to divide them, instead she is an addition to their relationship.

4. Monty + Harper + Bellamy - The 100

Monty + Harper + Bellamy - The 100
This still hurts, like a lot. When there was still talk of plot twist time jump couples in space before Season 5, Bellamy and Harper were the underrated option that would have been interesting to explore. But why leave Monty out? Imagine Bellamy joining Monty and Harper, and the trio being pure and kind and worried about their family together.

5. Angel + Buffy + Spike - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Angel + Buffy + Spike - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Chemistry is vital for any relationship, so if you have so much of it between three people in a love triangle the only logical next step is an attempt at an epic trio. There was so much talk over who Buffy should choose, Angel or Spike, when the obvious answer was there all along.

6. Betty + Veronica + Archie - Riverdale

Betty + Veronica + Archie - Riverdale
The aesthetic appeal is too good to deny here and you know it!

7. Audrey + Duke + Nathan - Haven

Audrey + Duke + Nathan - Haven
Another love triangle that was capable of starting up a conversation about bringing everyone together instead of focusing on how to split them up.

8. Amberle + Eretria + Wil - The Shannara Chronicles

Amberle + Eretria + Wil - The Shannara Chronicles
The true story within The Shannara Chronicles was all about the love that these three shared for one another. While on their Season 1 journey together, all three of them managed to pair off in various ways to strengthen their connections as pairs and as one big amazing trio. What could have been ...

9. Eleanor + Chidi + Tahani (+Jason) - The Good Place

Eleanor + Chidi + Tahani (+Jason) - The Good Place
Eleanor, Chidi, and Tahani all fit so perfectly together and yet it somehow still feels like there needs to be a choice. Eleanor is crushing on Tahani but is also in love with Chidi. And before any of that, Tahani and Chidi had an interesting friend date that confirms why this is a perfect success at a triangle. Jason might even fit in there somewhere if it wasn't for Janet, but the true trio is all about this mess of soulmates that need to get together in their definition of the good place.

10. Ravi + Liv + Peyton - iZombie

Ravi + Liv + Peyton - iZombie
Ravi and Peyton are killing it as relationship goals but Liv has been lacking in the romance department. There is this curse that leaves everyone she likes dead, except for Major. Obviously, the wish here isn't for the streak to continue, but maybe joining an iconic duo like Ravi and Peyton will reverse it. I'm just saying.

11. Harvey + Mike + Louis - Suits

Harvey + Mike + Louis - Suits
The more the merrier, and especially when you consider a friendship it always helps when you have a bigger group. Harvey and Mike's friendship is on another level but you can't deny that Louis has to be included in the mix as well.

12. Dean + Sam + Castiel - Supernatural

Dean + Sam + Castiel - Supernatural
This is almost an unofficial trio anyway, but this slideshow would be nothing without these three. Family ties definitely makes it easier to form a close-knit bond, but Castiel is not far behind Dean and Sam.

13. Emma + Audrey + Brooke - Scream

Emma + Audrey + Brooke - Scream
It is frankly ridiculous the chemistry that is shared between all of this lovely humans. Audrey's previous crush on Emma and her not platonic interactions with Brooke are huge neon signs of how Scream desperately needed this epic trio. With the reboot, there is no chance of that being explored, but that doesn't mean this can't be the decided endgame for the show regardless.

14. Jane + Michael + Rafael - Jane the Virgin

Jane + Michael + Rafael - Jane the Virgin
With Michael (or who we assume to be him) back in Jane's life, there is no doubt that things are about to get very confusing. Jane loved Michael but she thought he was dead, so she moved on with Rafael and this is where our fear of decisions comes up. Why should this become a difficult choice for Jane? Why not combine these supportive men in her life and have them both appreciate Jane and each other?

15. Gwynn + Talon + Garrett - The Outpost

Gwynn + Talon + Garrett - The Outpost
The Outpost is paving the way for a love triangle that could actually explore the idea of combining the people in it together. There are feelings all around in this weird mix of characters, and there is great potential there to utilize this subtext in a fresh way.

16. James + Kara + Lena - Supergirl

James + Kara + Lena - Supergirl
That James and Kara breakup still hurts a whole lot, and yet it is all about looking forward instead of back. No one here is going to pretend that Kara and Lena don't have absolutely off the charts chemistry that is a waste if it is never confronted, and this time around maybe we don't leave James all on his own. Both Lena and Kara care for him, so what is the next obvious step?

17. Liv + Jake + Mellie - Scandal

Liv + Jake + Mellie - Scandal
What could have been? Scandal spent a lot of time battling between Fitz and Jake when it came to giving Liv a "happily ever after." But the perfect choice was there all along, with Liv and Mellie clearly coming out on top and Jake acting as the surprise possibility in the way that he supported both ladies.

18. Liza + Charles + Josh - Younger

Liza + Charles + Josh - Younger
This triangle will never be over unless you throw out the obvious choice and make it a real solution. Liza has enough to worry about, her love life shouldn't be one of them.

19. Damon + Elena + Stefan - The Vampire Diaries

Damon + Elena + Stefan - The Vampire Diaries
This is a strange option because there is no picture-perfect way to combine everyone in this trio. Both Damon and Stefan cared for Elena though, so there was room for them to be in her life and maybe not make it all about her having to choose who she cares for more. The feelings were there for each and they were different, so why not just some sort of platonic attempt at a legendary trio.

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