Doctor Who: 19 Things We Miss About the Twelfth Doctor

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As the Ninth Doctor once said, "Everything has its time, and everything dies." That's always been especially true with Doctor Who, given that the main character is designed to regenerate and be played by a new person every so often. 

I recently ended up knee-deep in a Doctor Who rewatch and I found myself really connecting with the Twelfth Doctor. 

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In a 2014 Radio Times article that interviewed a cross-section of fans, Neela Debnath from The Independent said, "There's none of the flirty silliness -- Capaldi is as abrasive as walking through Glasgow on a midwinter's night." 

Watching Capaldi's scenes again it definitely feels like there's a darker tone to the character in these seasons, and yet he's still mirthful when he wants to be. The wise and stoic Doctor had some pretty big shoes to fill but still left an impression on fans. 

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And even though the Thirteenth Doctor has arrived, and is finding her footing, it's hard not to miss the Scotsman just a little bit. 

Here are 19 things we miss about the Twelfth Doctor. Want to rewatch his seasons? You can watch Doctor Who online to relive all of the Twelfth Doctor's best moments.  


1. His Eyebrows

His Eyebrows
Think about the Twelfth Doctor and one of the first things you'll probably think of is his eyebrows. Every Doctor seems to have one trait that becomes a running gag. For Peter Capaldi, it was his eyebrows. More accurately, very expressive eyebrows that could "pop bottle tops off." But really, what was all the fuss about? They're pretty fine looking eyebrows.

2. His Hair

His Hair
During the Twelfth Doctor's run the marvel that was Peter Capaldi's hair progressed. While it was a well kept at the start of Doctor Who Season 8, by the time of his regeneration it gave him a bit of a genius scientist vibe that kind of suited him.

3. His Sonic Glasses

His Sonic Glasses
The Doctor's sonic glasses were an interesting addition to Doctor Who Season 9, but we can say with certainty that The Doctor handles wearable technology better than some people with an Apple Watch. (Also, it looked pretty good with his outfit.)

4. His Scottish Accent

His Scottish Accent
Fewer moments are more precious in the Twelfth Doctor's era as when he finally realizes that he's Scottish. As he says on Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 1, "Deep Breath," "I can complain about things. I can really complain about things."

5. His Aversion to Hugs

His Aversion to Hugs
Some Doctors are cute and cuddly, but the Twelfth Doctor isn't and he's not afraid of making it know. While Clara constantly tries to hug him throughout Doctor Who Series 8, he maintains that he's "not a hugging person," or "against the hugging." It's a little jarring after seeing him hug so many of his companions, but at the same time it's refreshing. Sometimes, you just don't want to be touched.

6. His Confusion Over Furniture

His Confusion Over Furniture
During Doctor Who Series 8 the Doctor was constantly amused by Clara's life. One moment that sticks out is his amusement over Clara's living space and her three-way vanity mirror. Some people just don't get it.

7. The Way He Trolled His Enemies

The Way He Trolled His Enemies
There was something about the way the Twelfth Doctor confronted his enemies: silent with an element of showmanship. Like when he rolled into The Daleks sanctum in Davros' Dalek casing while drinking tea. Could he have been more of a boss? Because we're pretty sure this was the Dalek's worst nightmare.

8. His Way of Dealing with Children

His Way of Dealing with Children
The Twelfth Doctor had a way of dealing with children that was a bit like your curmudgeon uncle who didn't really want to explain things to you but did so anyway. (Because deep down he really liked you.) The Doctor dealt with two of Clara's students during his run and both times he treated them like people, not children.

9. His Inability to Realize His Age

His Inability to Realize His Age
The first thing Clara remarked on was how old The Doctor looked after his regeneration, but the Twelfth Doctor didn't seem to notice. During Doctor Who Season 8, he constantly takes offense whenever people assume that he's Clara's dad, but looking back his desire to throw age out the window is one of the things we miss about him.

10. His Joy When Things Go Right

His Joy When Things Go Right
Yes, as we stated earlier, the Doctor was not a great hugger, but this one time that he hugged Clara during Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7, "Kill The Moon," is one of the sweetest moments of his run. While it does feel like The Doctor was playing a cruel mind game in the moments after this scene, the look of joy on his face realizing that Clara could make the right decision fills us up.

11. His Self-Aware Cynicism

His Self-Aware Cynicism
The thing about The Twelfth Doctor is not just that he had an older, wiser, aesthetic, but that he was aware of it while also being unaware of it. The Twelfth Doctor was incredibly cynical but the fact that he called himself out on it made it all the more interesting.

12. His Socially Awkward Apologies

His Socially Awkward Apologies
One of the biggest changes from the Eleventh to the Twelfth Doctor is how socially awkward he is. The Doctor has always been a little out-of-touch with humanity -- he is an alien afterall -- but Twelve had a new level of awkward in social situations, and it was incredibly relatable at times.

13. His Ability to Act Like a Child

His Ability to Act Like a Child
While the Twelfth Doctor could be very serious at times, there were moments when he acted like a child. Drinking in the chance to enter the Tardis and properly be fascinated by how it's bigger on the inside during the Doctor Who Christmas Special "The Husbands of River Song," was just one example of his childlike fascination.

14. His Self-Deprication

His Self-Deprication
The Doctor can sometimes act like he's the smartest guy in the room -- he often is -- but it's good to see a version fo the Doctor that can admit his mistakes. When The Doctor casually declares he's an idiot he becomes a little more relatable, and -- dare we say it -- just a little more human.

15. His Love for Clara

His Love for Clara
Clara and Twelve didn't have a romantic relationship, but it did feel like he respected her and felt a measure of love for her. Clara met her end on Trap Street in Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 10, "Face the Raven," but the Doctor wasn't willing to let her go so easily. He brought her back during Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 12, "Hell Bent," and refused to let her go, even when time wasn't healing itself. Now, that's the kind of friend that everyone deserves.

16. His Compassion for Bill

His Compassion for Bill
When the Doctor first meets Bill Potts in Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 1, "The Pilot," he is immediately enamored by her curiosity. But he also extends some compassion towards her when he finds out that she doesn't have any photos of her mother. If there was one aching regret we had, and the Doctor could rectify it with his Tardis and a camera, we'd hope he'd take a few minutes out of his day to do that for us.

17. His Faith in Missy

His Faith in Missy
To say "it's complicated" between The Doctor and The Master is an understatement, but Twelve's arc with Missy is a particularly moving storyline. In Doctor Who Season 10, he saves her from being executed and makes a vow to guard her for 1,000 years in The Vault. While it's clear that Missy is a pain in his side, he never seems to lose faith in his lifelong friend, even when she meets her former self in Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 12, "The Doctor Falls."

18. His Wisdom Regarding War

His Wisdom Regarding War
One of The Twelfth Doctor's best moments will always be his war speech on Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 8, "The Zygone Inversion." The Twelfth Doctor is one of the first times in the new era of Doctor Who where we really saw a bit of his venom come out. In this speech about war, specifically, it feels like he's had enough of the human's pension for conflict and it's a very refreshing change in personality.

19. His Obsession with Kindness

His Obsession with Kindness
You don't notice it at first, but the Twelfth Doctor is obsessed with the idea of kindness. It comes up over and over again in his speeches. On Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 12, "The Doctor Falls," he tells both The Master and Missy that he's not just playing a game. He does what he does because "above all it's kind." When he regenerates in the Doctor Who Christmas Special, "Twice Upon a Time," he gives the next Doctor a series of instructions including "be kind." The Twelfth Doctor may have been a little abrasive, but he was never mean. There was always a kindness behind his actions.

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