Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Report Card: Best Episode, Worst Sendoff, MVP, & More!

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It has been an exciting season of Grey's Anatomy! 

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 was a huge improvement after a lackluster and disappointing Grey's Anatomy Season 13. In many ways, the series got back to the basics. It gave us strong character arcs and friendships, interesting medical cases, relationship drama, and more. 

It also made a splash when the news broke that two fan-favorites would be departing by the season's end. Looking back and reviewing the season, it was evident that episodes churned out after that shocking news (and an unpopular 'ship becoming canon) weren't received very well. Yikes! 

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1. Best Episode - Personal Jesus

Best Episode -  Personal Jesus
Personal Jesus was an extraordinary hour, not just of Grey's Anatomy, but an extraordinary hour of television, period. Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 10 is the series at its absolute best. The episode chose to address three heavy storylines and gave each one the weight and care that it deserved.

Jo's arc as a formerly battered woman facing her husband came to a somewhat satisfying end, and the subject matter was handled with care and thought. The subject matters of police brutality and racial bias were brilliantly tackled in a gripping way that held viewers, whether they could relate or understand or not, captivated. Jesse Williams' performance was nuanced and some of his best work.

The episode opened the door for viewers to engage in critical analysis and discourse. The hour also kickstarted April's best story arc to date with the culmination of everything, including the return of Matthew and subsequent loss of his wife, causing April's descent into an existential and faith crisis, which was a refreshing and unique storyline.

It was an exceptional episode from beginning to end.

Honorary Mentions: Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 11: (Don't Fear) the Reaper

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 7: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

2. Funniest Episode: Judgment Day

Funniest Episode: Judgment Day
Listen, a lot of people had mixed feelings and thoughts about Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 20: Judgment Day, but if you didn't laugh at least once during that truly absurd hour, then maybe you lack a sense of humor. Was it ridiculous? Absolutely! Was it funny, though? Hell yes!

The episode managed to sprinkle in enough plot to set the foundation for bigger plot points, namely the Avery scandal, Arizona realizing she still has feelings for Callie and Owen's foster care situation. Overall, it was a fun episode that gave most of the characters the opportunity to be silly and fun under the guise of accidentally being dosed with marijuana via cookies.

Maggie, April, and Bailey truly rose to the occasion with some laugh-out-loud lines such as the former's cheese monologue and "I don't think I need my neck anymore., and Bailey's classic I thought marijuana made people peaceful. I've never hated you more." line to April despite April's kick-ass bagpipe performance using her nose. It was hilarious, and I'm sorry if none of you like joy.

Honorary Mention: Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6: Come On Down to My Boat, Baby. Hot guys on a boat cracking jokes and having a good time. I will not apologize for loving this episode, OK?!

3. Best Meredith Moment - Meredith Wins the Harper Avery

Best Meredith Moment - Meredith Wins the Harper Avery
Yeah, it would later turn out to be scandalous, and she turned it over in an act of allyship, protest, and defiance, but that moment was years in the making. It was a true honor for Meredith, but it was also a reward to lifelong Grey's fans who have experienced her entire journey from the very beginning. She had her friends, colleagues, sister, and daughter there, but the best part was the ghost of her mother in the gallery beaming down at her with pride. Nothing trumps that moment.

Honorary Mentions: Meredith publicly giving Marie her due after the scandal, Meredith realizing she can find love again and the brief flash of a younger her at the bar, and Meredith moving heaven and hell to reunite Nathan with Megan and both of them with Farouq.

4. Highly Anticipated Character Arc that Didn't Pay Off - Alex Reuniting with His Mother

Highly Anticipated Character Arc that Didn't Pay Off - Alex Reuniting with His Mother
I'm sorry, not even the legendary Lindsay Wagner could stanch the disappointment and annoyance coursing through my veins over Alex's family arc. It's baffling that this season gave us so many incredible character arcs and stand-alone episodes, from Meredith and Bailey to April and Jo, but when it came to Alex, they dropped the ball.

They shoved a moment 14 years in the making in one episode and reduced it to a C-storyline instead of dedicating the entire hour to Alex and Jo's road trip and Alex reconnecting with his mother. The episode did not live up to the hype. Alex deserved better, and so did the fans. You can read more on our thoughts regarding it in the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 22 Review: Fight for Your Mind.

Honorary Mention: The Nathan and Megan saga. Danger Zone was mostly flashbacks showing us what led to the couple's fight before Megan disappeared, but it was ludicrous and boring. After all that hype, fans would've preferred flashbacks to Megan's time in captivity for a decade instead.

6. Most Improved - Jo

Most Improved - Jo
I don't know how it happened, but Jo somehow became less annoying in season 14. It's some sort of Grey's Anatomy miracle! She has been tolerable, and dare I say, likable for a change. Who'd have thought it?! Jo's storyline revolving around her past and her history with Paul had a few missteps here and there, but for the most part, it was a strong storyline, and it allowed her character to grow without being specifically tied to her relationship with Alex.

It was an empowering arc, and it did wonders for her character. She has mellowed out a great deal throughout the course of the season, found direction career-wise, and married Alex. Jo has had more development in season 14 than her entire tenure on the series.

7. Character Who Still Isn't Put to Good Use - DeLuca

Character Who Still Isn't Put to Good Use - DeLuca
Please, my lovelies, enjoy this gif of dancing DeLuca while I stop pinching the bridge of my nose and sighing long enough to elaborate. Once again, I have to put Andrew into this type of category because it's like the writers don't know what to do with him at all. Ironically, even with the addition of his sister (who also struggled with cohesive storytelling and screentime when she wasn't with Arizona), we know very little about Andrew DeLuca. So this isn't a case of there not being any story to tell or nothing left to do with his character. This is a case of all this potential being wasted away for some inexplicable reason.

Jeebus, DeLuca's character development for the season went downhill the second they introduced and subsequently sidelined him with Sam. Their storage room trysts and "love-hate-lust" whatever the hell it was relationship wasn't the least bit interesting and was hollow. They were transition scenes in between more important stuff. It remained surface level at best, so by the time Sam was dodging ICE and leaving the country, it didn't pack the emotional punch it should have because we didn't know much about, didn't see, nor did we care about their relationship. DeLuca's moping after that wasn't even comical. It was annoying.

He did improve professionally this season, and they seemed to remember that he's a competent doctor who used to be leagues above his peers because he truly shined in those moments when he was working with Amelia. DeLuca being brought into Meredith's home as the latest stray and lost puppy is kind of cute albeit pathetic. Anyway, I love him and want better for him. Again.

8. Favorite Scene Stealer - Zola

Favorite Scene Stealer - Zola
Fortunately this season, Meredith's kids weren't ghosts whom we never saw. Zola was the kid we saw the most, and it suited the series because she's inquisitive, wise beyond her years, and she's perfectly set up to be a future surgeon in the making. We see it often with her interactions with Maggie, making them one of the most underrated relationships of the series presently. Zola is quick to ask Meredith questions that send Meredith down a path of reflection. She has some funny lines. Every time she's onscreen, it's a delight, and she draws attention to herself in the best possible way.

Honorary Mention: Tom Koracik. The guy is hilarious. He fills up an entire room with his big personality. He comes across obnoxious and flippant on the surface, but through his arc with Kimmie and his time spent with April, we saw a deeper side to him.

9. Character Who Needs to Return ASAP - Nick Mars

Character Who Needs to Return ASAP - Nick Mars
Consider me in denial. As far as I'm concerned, the door is wide open for Scott Speedman to return to the series, and he would happily accept the invitation. They can't just introduce us to this sweet, charming doctor who takes care of his niece and made Meredith believe in love again and never bring him back. That's unacceptable! He made me swoon, OK! I don't just swoon for anyone, dammit.

It doesn't have to be a huge commitment (I say, begrudgingly). Nick is a transplant doctor from another state who is always traveling. He could pop in a time or two, maybe he and Meredith can have a long-distance flirtation. I don't know. All I know is Meredith hasn't had that much effortless instant chemistry with a guy in a long time.

10. Favorite Recurring Character - Betty

Favorite Recurring Character - Betty
Betty had a quiet entrance, but she quickly became one of the best recurring characters of the season. It was hard not to become attached to this character given Peyton Kennedy's understated performance and Betty's compelling storyline. In simplest terms, she captured our hearts. She also captured the heart of Amelia in what has become a solid storyline for Amelia's character that isn't marred by romantic implications, repeats, and self-doubt or loathing.

The poignancy of the recovering addict taking on a new role as sponsor and mentor to this teen girl isn't lost on most viewers. Also, it has led to this weird complicated feeling where you can't help but root for Betty, but you also want Owen to be happy with baby Leo. Omelia, Leo, and Betty have formed this unofficial family that is heartwarming, and maybe if we're lucky, we'll get to see more of it (and Betty) next season.

Honorary Mention: Megan Hunt. Abigail Spencer was a gem as Megan Hunt, and it sucked seeing her go so soon.

11. Intern Who Needs More Screentime - Dahlia

Intern Who Needs More Screentime - Dahlia
The intern shenanigans happening on Grey's this season brought some of that lightness and humor that Grey's had been lacking. Sometimes it worked and other times it did not. The group of interns was intriguing, but the distribution of screentime for some of them was irritating. Sam monopolized most of the intern time because of her sexcapades with DeLuca, but she was the least interesting, and Levi's shtick, while entertaining, got old and repetitive.

The thing is, of all the interns, Dahlia received the least amount of screentime and development, and most fans didn't even know her name. It was pretty damn significant that Grey's chose to add a hijab-wearing Muslim, but in not utilizing her, nor allowing her to flourish, it felt like stunt casting. Dahlia's shining moment was in Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 13: You Really Got a Hold on Me, and when she delivered her quote about wearing hijab and the true message of her faith. She has a lot to offer based on the glimpses we catch of her. She's hilarious, especially when it came to her crush on Jackson, and she has an interesting rapport with Owen that could be fruitful.

Honorary Mention: Casey, veteran, Grey's first transgender supporting character, and badass hacker. He got more screentime and development than Dahlia, and his being transgender didn't feel as much like the series was congratulating themselves on the representation despite poor follow-through, thank God, but he's far more interesting than some of the others.

Talia AKA "Hellmouth" is pretty damn funny too. Her obsession with Meredith is hilarious.

12. Best Unexpected Friendship - Meredith and Jo

Best Unexpected Friendship - Meredith and Jo
You can count this as the best mentor/mentee relationship, too. Can you believe there was a time when Meredith was unimpressed with Jo, and Jo was jealous of Meredith's friendship with Alex and influence on him? It seems like ages ago now. These two women have formed one of the best relationships on the show this season, and while one or both of them can be "meh" on their own depending on your feelings for them, together, their friendship is amazing.

Meredith was Jo's pillar of strength and support when Paul popped back up into Jo's life. She was a supportive friend, but also an incredible mentor to Jo. They displayed true sisterhood all season, and the best part about it is it had nothing to do with Alex at all. They became one of my favorite friendships of the season.

13. MVP of the Season - April

MVP of the Season - April
April is without a doubt the MVP of this season, and it shocks the hell out of me that I could ever type such words. April started off the season on a strong note when she finally confronted Jackson about their time in Montana and acknowledged how much it hurt her during the premiere. From that point forward, she was excelling in her job. She and Jackson were excelling in co-parenting.

But the real testament to how incredible April's development has been this season is everything from "Personal Jesus" forward. Her character arc of struggling with her faith and descending into this woman so unlike the April that we have known was simply incredible from beginning to end, and Sarah Drew's performance throughout was phenomenal. For your consideration, Sarah Drew for a gosh damn Emmy! It was an exceptional performance she put forth, and it made her impending departure all the more frustrating because it merely highlighted that the character could have had plenty to offer throughout the years. April finally got a decent storyline, and Sarah Drew finally got to show just how talented she is, and it was all coming to an end!

April's arc embodied everything that made up this character: her strong Christian faith and values, motherhood, grief, and loss. Along the way she had some amazing scenes with pivotal characters throughout this battle she was fighting, notably Tom chipping away at her, and Rabbi Eli breaking through to her once and for all.

Oddly enough, faith-based characters and storylines pertaining to faith are a rarity. April was always a unique and groundbreaking character in her own right given that. The series tapped into a deprived demographic and handled the entire arc beautifully, and it was most compelling. April's departure may be bittersweet, and the execution of her departure in the final hour may have been disappointing, but overall, the character left with a bang, and Drew gave us her all. Hell, they made an April fan out of me!

14. Favorite Badass - Maggie

Favorite Badass - Maggie
I'm an unapologetic Maggie fangirl, and if anyone deserved her own slot after a long season of being denigrated by half the fandom for existing, it's Maggie. Fortunately, she actually earned the title. Maggie is the person you want in your corner and by your side. She proved that countless times this season. If you weren't fist-pumping when she advocated for Bailey after Bailey's heart attack and took over doing Bailey's surgery IN ANOTHER HOSPITAL RULES BE DAMNED, then I don't know what to say. Maggie was the one who kicked ass and saved April when everyone else was ready to call it and mourn. She's a certified badass doctor and surgeon. No one can ever argue otherwise.

15. Nonsensical Storyline that Worked - Amelia's Brain Tumor

Nonsensical Storyline that Worked - Amelia's Brain Tumor
Look, Amelia was on the short list for being one of the most annoying characters on the series. She spent an entire season being inconsistent, cruel, and an all-around mess. This season they attempted to rectify it by revealing that she had been suffering from a brain tumor, and that was essentially used to explain away most of her insufferable personality from the previous season.

It was a ridiculous way for the writers to write themselves out of a corner and salvage what remained of Amelia's likability. It also seemed like she was absolved of her sins, so to speak, and held unaccountable because "TUMOR!" Plus, it's the fact that a Neurosurgeon didn't know she had a brain tumor, and another Shepherd nearly met their maker due to a head issue. Did we care in the end though? Not really. Amelia was back to being tolerable and likable again, so we considered it a win.

16. Most Outrageous Case - Not in the Vajayjay!

Most Outrageous Case - Not in the Vajayjay!
There were so many crazy, fun, interesting, heartbreaking, and heartwarming cases. The series definitely upped their game with medical cases this season. One of the most outrageous ones was the patient who got a gun stuck in her vagina. Worst yet, it went off and shot another patient. Everything about that case was hysterical and outrageous.

Honorary Mention: That time kids playing in with a ball started a chain reaction that included April accidentally lobbing off of a patient's ear, DeLuca slipping and falling on it and injuring his head, and the patient freaking out. I laughed for days.

17. Best Love Triangle - Meredith, Riggs, and Megan

Best Love Triangle - Meredith, Riggs, and Megan
Who knew there was such thing as an awesome love triangle, am I right? If any love triangle had to fall into that category, then the one involving Meredith, Megan, and Nathan did. All parties genuinely liked and respected one another. There was not a hint of jealousy in the mix. It was all mutual understanding and respect.

It was the most mature love triangle I have ever seen. Nathan loved both Megan and Meredith, but Megan was the love of his life. Megan still loved Nathan, and she adored Meredith and was willing to step aside if necessary. Meredith had feelings for Nathan and respected and adored Megan, and she did step aside because she couldn't let Nathan squander his second chance. Feels!

18. Worst Love Triangle - Amelia, Owen, and Teddy

Worst Love Triangle - Amelia, Owen, and Teddy
Oof! This one is a mess. Owen spent most of the season toggling back and forth between Amelia and Teddy, and it was upsetting. Amelia's decision to figure out who she was now that she wasn't plagued with a brain tumor was healthy, and it needed to remain that way despite the adorable family situation she has going on with Owen by the season's end. The pair had proven to be toxic, and while it was titillating watching the two of them build upon their friendship before falling back into each other's arms again, I'm not so sure the last part should happen yet, or at all.

Then there is Teddy who flat out deserves better. She spent most of her life being Owen's friend who he didn't notice, and as she said, he dusted her off and pulled her down like a security blanket when his relationships failed. Their time in Germany was so magical until it all came crashing down. Now she's pregnant with Owen's kid, and at this point, it sucks whether they become a couple or not because it still comes across like she was a consolation prize. Ugh.

19. 'Ship that FINALLY Hit Its Stride - Jaggie

'Ship that FINALLY Hit Its Stride - Jaggie
Avert your eyes if necessary you Jaggie-haters. I'm about to gush about this cute pairing. I don't know how it happened, but once Grey's Anatomy stopped screwing around with these two by reducing them to middle-schoolers, the couple came together nicely. Maggie is an adorable dork. She's adorkable, if you will. What's especially precious is how she brings out the dorky side of Jackson. The two of them talking about Harry Potter and other nerdy things at Joe's was one of the cutest scenes of the season.

The feelings that have developed between them are deep. Jackson genuinely cares for Maggie and has heart-eyes when he sees her. Contrary to what naysayers argue, the chemistry is there between the two, and now that we get to see it in action without anything hampering it, it feels good knowing that they found their way to one another somehow.

What has blossomed between them is a genuine relationship built on friendship and respect. They bring out some of each other's best traits. Despite the fact that we've known both characters for a reasonable amount of time, we find out so much more about the two of them separately via their relationship together. It's like peeling back more layers on characters we already thought we knew.

Sorry, not sorry, Jaggie is the cutest, and I love this pairing.

20. Character Who Deserved Better - Carina

Character Who Deserved Better - Carina
Why does this show do the DeLucas so dirty?! I know everyone is thrilled that Arizona moved to New York, reunited with Callie, and now they'll go back to being this happy family again. I get all of that, but Arizona left Carina hanging, and that sucked. The two of them had amazing chemistry! I know I was the first person out there who wanted Arizona to play the field, so I'll begrudgingly take the L because that's what she did. It was one of my favorite relationships of Arizona's, though.

It struck me as odd how the show dragged Carina out for hot Carizona scenes and funny sibling quarrels in Italian, but they barely used her in a professional capacity. What happened to her study? Did she hang out around the hospital just for kicks? The show improved on Carina being utilized more in the hospital in the back half of the season, but boy did she get screwed over.


21. Return We're Happiest About - Teddy

Return We're Happiest About - Teddy
It sucks that we lost Arizona and April at the end of this season, but it stings less knowing that Teddy will be returning to the series. The situation surrounding her reappearance is a bit messy, but if handled right, it could at least be entertaining, and Teddy has always been a fantastic character. I cannot wait to see Teddy serving as interim-Chief while Bailey takes a sabbatical. Plus, her return was far superior to whatever the hell that Olivia AKA Syph Nurse return was.

22. Best Underrated Friendship - Meredith and Jackson

Best Underrated Friendship - Meredith and Jackson
I like to call these two "the Legacy Kids." Jackson was the one who announced that Meredith won the Harper Avery and acknowledged how proud he was of her. Meredith was the one who helped Jackson through April's near-death experience. The two of them brainstormed and fielded the Avery Sex Scandal storm together. They teamed up a few times to work on patients together, and they talked to each other, gave each other advice, and generally supported one another. There were moments when it felt like you could see the two actors' real friendship coming through their character, and it was awesome!

Honorary Mention: Arizona and Owen. The two of them shared the same girl this season, pretended to be married, and faced a potential health scare together. Owen was damn near ready to kill the doctor who had Arizona thinking she had breast cancer. This season, we were reminded of the friendship that has developed between the two over the years.

23. Favorite Patient - Kimmie

Favorite Patient - Kimmie
Kimmie was a ball of sunshine. She had a beautiful voice and an inoperable brain tumor that had her knocking on death's door. This season the series did a fantastic job of allowing viewers to get to know various patients and become attached to them, and have cases that lasted longer than a single episode. Kimmie was one of the standouts.

The relationship she formed with Alex was heartwarming and heartbreaking. She got the man to sing with her, for Pete's sake. Plus, according to some old promotional photos, she sang at Jolex's engagement party. I mean, come on! Kimmie broke Alex's heart when she nearly left without saying goodbye. Alex's attachment to Kimmie was one of the best parts of the season for his character. He was passionate about her case, and he fought like hell for her.

It was also moving to see how she affected many of the others at the hospital. Tom was willing to use up all of his vacation days and sick days to take Kimmie to Broadway shows before she died. Amelia became attached to her, and DeLuca and Sam did as well. Jo was touched by how much Alex cared for Kimmie. She was a delightful addition to the season, and one of the best patients.

24. Most Disappointing Sendoff - April

Most Disappointing Sendoff - April
Unlike many fans, I actually didn't mind the fact that April and Matthew reconnected. My biggest gripe was that their relationship took place offscreen. Matthew's proposal and his and April's vows felt hollow and like watching two strangers get married because we never saw any of the things they were talking about (time spent taking care of the girls etc.). The build-up to their reunion was non-existent because when they did show Matthew, he hated April. We never saw how they worked past that.

As I mentioned in the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 24 Review: All of Me, the explanation for April leaving was reduced to a throwaway line delivered by Jackson. It's unfathomable that the series made the outrageous decision to write off the character, spent months dealing with the ire of irate fans, only for them to slap together a happily ever after ending that didn't require much thought or creativity. Not only that, but the character skipped the part where she came to the conclusion she wanted to treat the poor, told her friends, and officially resigned. Huh?! Underwhelming is one of many words used to describe her departure, but it's mind-boggling that there didn't seem to be a game-plan, and if that was the game-plan, it was a weak one with poor execution.

Honorary Mentions: Nathan's departure was much better, though a bit abrupt and quiet. Meanwhile, Sam's, while sad, didn't pack the emotional punch despite the hot-button issue of DACA kids being hunted by ICE because we knew very little about her and had no connection to her at all.

25. Overall Grade - B+

Overall Grade - B+
Grey's Anatomy Season 14 was a vast improvement. The show learned from many of its mistakes in the previous season and addressed them be it relationship resolutions or character tweaks. The show found its groove again, had a nostalgic feel, and brought back all of the things that we loved so much about it in the beginning. It was a mostly balanced season, and despite some heaviness, it had that humor and lightness that we adore, too.

One of the best things about the season was seeing the doctors get to be passionate about their jobs. The innovative competition was an instant hit, and it led to so many interesting ideas that we actually became invested in. It especially was great to see Richard and Miranda partake in the action.

The series gave us a handful of bottle episodes that were amazing, particularly the Miranda-centric one which was long overdue. The series improved on character arcs, development, and strong interrelations. The series did struggle with some of its characters, there were some inconsistencies and weak spots, but again, overall, it was a pretty damn good season, you guys!

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