Reality TV Quotes

Alan: [About G.D. Thibodeaux] I’ll tell you what I’m gonna go. I’m gonna go down there and talk to him.
Lindsey: No, no, no, no!
Alan: I’ve got to. I’ve got to! You sit here where you’re fine.
Lindsey: That is not fine. How do you and I know the killer is not in here?!
Alan: Because you’re around too many people.
Lindsey: No, no, no, no. Please, don’t!
Alan: I’m gonna go talk to him.
Lindsey: No, that is not a good idea!
Alan: I think it’s … where’s Drew? Hey Drew!
Lindsey: No. No! He could be the killer!

Stacey: Do you know of any fires in this area?
Frank Kovick: There was one in ’41.
Stacey: There was one in ’41? Where?
Frank Kovick: In Sunrise.
Stacey: Sunrise…
Frank Kovick: It was huge, it destroyed most of the town.
Stacey: Really?!
Frank Kovick: Founders Day fire. They called it the “Miracle Fire” because nobody died.